Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hot and Hurried Cinnamon

This week's color in Luna Jubilee's challenge is hot cinnamon. This cozy Leezu dress seemed to fit the color well, and at the same time I feel prepared for autumn in this nice sweater-like dress. I would have liked to show the dress in a nice landscape or something, but the Puppetmaster is mean again. Tells me she hasn't got the time for keeping me alive this week . What a nerve!

She says she is organizing a conference with people from 25 countries. I say: What's the point, why can't she just make them all meet in here. That would be cheaper and just as fun, I'm sure!

What I'm wearing ( no time for slurls today):

Dress: Luka Dress S (mesh,rigged) /peach by LeeZu!
Shoes : from Compulsion,  Envy Left  (very good new shoe creator)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Veronica Mesh Hair - Gingerbread (from the Vintage Fair)
Jewellery:  LaGyo_Alice earring 
                    LaGyo_Bonbon ring gold 
Skin : .ploom. Lea_Vanilla - DB - Virgo (from the Zodiac event)
poetic color eyes by LL - dunes 


  1. such a beautiful dress ... and it looks so comfy
    I also like the backside of it, with the flower (not shown here)...
    Good luck to your Puppetmaster ... with all that work to do

  2. wow big conference. About what? ..i am curious... tell her it is important that she takes a brake in sl ))) you looking beautiful also without background

  3. Very pretty. I love that second photo.