Sunday, September 16, 2012

Papaya Whip is a Colour !

My Puppetmaster behind the screen is playing a bit with the lights here, without very good result, I must say. All for Luna's Color Challenge where the colour this week is Papaya Whip, a colour we had never heard of a week ago.
I am dressed in items from the last Collabor88, and sitting in a Charles Eames Chair from the September  Fameshed event.
Now, as it were, this chair is a copy of one of the icons of twentieth century modern furniture. And the Puppetmaster happens to be the lucky owner of one. She got enthusiastic when we saw this very exact copy made by Tobias Convair for Handverk, a great place for many wonderful things. She told me that she has loved her chair for decades, and talked about how nicely it fits the human anatomy.
"Well, show me", I said. And here you are:

Sitting among her messy stacks of books, books, books. "It is too many - get rid of them all", I said. But she said "No !" and that was her only word on the matter (and she thought to herself : "Who are you to talk, with your more than 20.000 objects in inventory!).
I got to like her small reading corner after some time, and got quite upset when the time was up for me to go back to SL
She of course remained back there:

But kept this photo of me in my new super duper New Orleans skybox from ba (Barnesworth Anubis) (The collabor88 september ).  "Too few books , my little one", she said, posing in the only thing she had that looked a little like Papaya Whip, some old stuff from the bottom of the cupboard. 
Real Life is not like SL, they don't seem to buy new clothes every week there.

She is too shy to show her face, so to recompense here is mine in my new Faith skin from Bellezza, hair from Truth, eyes from Poetic Colors,  earrings from LaGyo.
Talking about Classics of design! We have them in SL too.

After all this effort of hopping between worlds - and for my puppetmaster after an exhausting week at work, topped by the effort of photoshopping me into her world - we needed some relaxation. We found it at Humanoid, where I had  teleported to check out their new female dance. I ended up trying out the male dances,  I always like them better.  
Isn't it incredible! The music is by the Danish master of Electronica, Trentemøller

What the video shows (apart from the incredible dance moves) are some of the problems in mesh creations. I love this little dress from u.f.o. but we do sometimes see the background through the skirt while I'm dancing, it could be  fixed by lining the garments. I also find that my arms became extraordinarily thin and somewhat creepy in this, might it be something with the alpha layer? I still love the little thing anyway, just saying there still is some room for improvement in the mesh creations in SL. I personally wouldn't know how to even begin this, so am a total admirer of anyone who can make good things like these.

Now to the final picture - I have put on the cute u.f.o. cardigan again (when I'm sitting like this, the elbow of the dress can be seen, no matter the size of dress and cardigan) to stay warm and cozy in the early autumn night after getting all SL-sweaty  up at the dance vendor.

What I'm wearing:

dress: ::{u.f.o}::you and me -cream- (plain collar)
cardigan: ::{u.f.o}::ribbonbon cardigan- grey  ( from Collabor88 September)
Shoes: Schadenfreude Ivory Cygnette
stockings: Schadenfreude.  Champagne Luisa Stockings
Ring and Earring from LaGyo: Mother's pearl big ring (from Collabor88 September)
                                                 Alice earring
Hair: >TRUTH< Siri w/Roots - oasis
-tb- Nail Colour (Black)
Skin and make up: [PXL] FAITH PA NE MEB C2 FR,  [PXL] FAITH PA Cat Eyes,
                              [PXL] FAITH     PA Passion Lips
eyes by Poetic Colors- bright - massive lead

Dance from Humanoid
Chair from Handverk (the chair is not at the store, but at the collabor event)


  1. Awwww ... I LOVE your visit in RL ;-)
    and you're pics are beautiful, giving a nice relaxed atmosphere ;-)
    Thanx for sharing ... *hugs*

  2. wow this is cool... very good photshop work and great story..loved it very much and was reading it with a big smile