Sunday, August 26, 2012

Surprise in Feldgrau

Feldgrau is this week's colour in Luna Jubilee's blogger challenge. It was the colour of some of the German uniforms before and during the Second World War, for me that is a somewhat dispiriting thought.
I found a dress in the right colour at the Sea Hole. A little too bright , but the right tone.
But then , I felt a bit bored by the whole thing, and felt I had to do something radically different:

So here I am,  very different ! It feels a bit strange to call this person me, but this elderly gentleman still has my name above his head, so what else can I do. Call him he, I suppose.
He sat down the moment after his 'birth' and contemplated life as it is.

Wrigglesworth makes these old avatars. Look at him, doesn't he look kind.
I think it is a kind of problem in SL that you either have to look very young or very old, there aren't many realistic  mature, mature in a beautiful way, avatars.  I have noticed that when people have tried to make grown up women, they become very pathetic, tired , exhausted, wrinkled creatures with none of the sparkle of life, but may be it is difficult to create maturity realistically - and may be no one buys them. But Wrigglesworth's creatures are so old that they defy all that. They are cute in their pot bellied clumsiness.

Now here is the professor emeritus on his way to do some research at the Bayrische StaatsBibliotek .
He is a proud man, proud of the contribution he has made to his field. And happy to have found this  majestic library building lovingly recreated in SL.
We won't follow him into the reading room, we must respect the silent concentration.

But we meet the professor again and discuss some finer points in the grammar of Old Gothic in the sunshine that bathes the library courtyard.
It has ben a long day of studies. But even when he gets home, he continues his work:

He wants to finish his opus major, the comprehensive comparative history of the Indoeuropean languages. He is thankful to Winter Thorpe who made this perfect typewriter as What Next's contribution to the Vintage Fair. He is stimulated by the sound of the typewriter . It has been the constant soundtrack of his writing life.

As it grows dark, he is so engrossed in his work, that he almost grows taller, thinner and more dignified. But he does not know about that himself, he is just lost in creation.

What we are wearing:

Dress: The Sea Hole - Studded Chiffon Dress - rainwater (found at  the marketplace)
Hair; >TRUTH< Bria w/Roots - macaroon

The Professor:

(W) Button Down - White
(W) Sports Jacket Slacks - Grey
(W) Sports Jacket - Grey Houndstooth
(W) *MESH* Sinclair Frames - 4 Colors
(W) Bow Tie - Abstract Patterns
(W) Wilfred's Sculpted Hair
(W) Wilfred Shape
(W) Wilfred Skin
everything from Wrigglesworth.

Shoes from [monso] My Fabric Oxford (shoes)
Eyes  from Poetic Colors by LL - bright - massive lead 


  1. Haha super made post Alexandra,I read it with attention. May be he needs a nice old woman to visit him? May be you remember my pistiachio post with my old "she". She will like to visit him just to discuss about indoeuropean languages. Nothing more ;) Let me know ok?

  2. Ha ha ha ! Sounds like the perfect match, I'm just afraid that the discussion on the Germanic inflections compared to those in the Romance languages will be somewhat amiss, if left to the lady behind the screen on this end. But still...

  3. LOL sorry I just about died laughing seeing the photos of you as an old man