Sunday, August 19, 2012

Very Snap Shots in Russett

I am dressed in Russett for Luna's 52 weeks colour challenge. And I'm rowing my new boat from What Next past my not quite rezzed home.  The excitement of rowing the boat made me less attentive to details .

Rowing towards the open waters after a tour through the wonderful  waterways of the Thistle region. In new hair from the ever creative Truth Hawks.

Never row your boat into Linden waters. Shipwreck might result.  I stood there, waving my oars in the air, in too much emotional turmoil to even think of the windlights or anything. I could do nothing but watch the boat going down. Fortunately, in  SL, we can just rezz a new one.

I'm wearing a dress from a new shop called La Penderie de Nicole.  They only have a few items out , but of very fine quality. As a dress this is a bit too short for me, so I added my Maitreya leggings and everything was fine. The creator , Marco. really pays a lot of attention to the texture of the fabric. And look at the details of the hooks in this, it's too cute:

What I'm wearing:

Dress: La Penderie de Nicole::My Little Linen Dress::
Hair: >TRUTH< Bria w/Roots - macaroon
Bracelet: Ibizarre Bracelets  (gold/brown)
Maitreya Leggings -  Black
Shoes:  from  Shiny Things. Tuli Pumps - brown
Skin: [Gauze] Nude - Ivory - F

Boat from What Next


  1. Nice dress Alexandra. Always good to read about a new cute shop with quality. thanks for the tip.bye bye Nic