Sunday, August 12, 2012

Uninspired Tyrian Purple

Tyrian purple , the colour for this week in Luna's colour challenge, might be an old distinguished imperial color, that has been with us for millennia , but I was not able to be inspired this week. I cannot blame the color. I cannot blame the creators of the various very nice items I'm wearing, it is just one of those things.

This picture from my home parcel might explain some of the despondency. The owner of my region decided to let it snow on us all. My puppetmaster, who really is the one to blame for my mood, has just gone through one of the worst summer's within memory, and now it snows in Second Life !
She made me brave the elements in the new Vivaldi Hanging Bed that I picked up at Collabor88  with lots of nice poses in it, The pillows and the canopy, or whatever , changes color, here it turned into purple. The Collabor88 is  full to the brim of good things, I presented some of them in the post prior to this.

 Maxi Gossamer's butterfly necklace from is the best. Makes me a bit happy, in the end.

What I'm wearing: (laziness causing lack of slurls)

Dress or whatever: from Glam Affair - Dorota Shirt - Indigo (without the top under there will be nipple malfunction)
Top : from Willow~ Filigree Bodysuit - Plum (undershirt)

Shoes: [monso] My Fabric Oxford (wonderful and versatile)
Leggings from Maitreya, black
Hair:  :EMO-tions:. * SUSAN*/brown (can be put up or down, with animation , great)
Necklace : MG - - Jewelled Butterfly  picked up at Collabor88
LaGyo_Bonbon ring gold 
Skin from Les Petits Details: *LpD* Skins - *Laetitia* Violet Orchid
Eyes from Poetic colors: by LL - purple morning - large

Vivaldi Hanging bed from Cheeky Pea. Picked up at Collabor 88


  1. Aw, you look like a sad Alexandra in that 2nd picture. But still lovely; your headshot is so pretty.

  2. yep ... most of our summer hasn't deserved it's name this year ... but it's been quite nice lately, including today ...
    And, spank me, I actually wouldn't mind a nice snowy winter ;-)
    I wouldn't call your pics uninspired ... they spread a nice calmness ... very relaxing ;-)

  3. love the emotions in the pictures. Can feel your mood in it ))) And the close up is super

  4. Beautiful mood, lovely look, these are great photos.