Saturday, May 12, 2012

Shopping in Deep Pink

The color of the week (in Luna Jubilee's color challenge) is deep pink. I shopped till I almost dropped at the Culture Shock charity event. I came home with enough stuff to fill a barn. The jumpsuit from  Ricielli seemed to fit the color perfectly.
Here, I come home to my new skybox carrying some of the goods.
I found a beautiful new home yesterday, and rezzed this gorgeous structure from Barnesworth Anubis high up in the sky, as my new skybox. The Songo garden is the only thing in this post that is not from the  Culture Shock event. I was happy finding it at the latest Collabor8.

 I brought home some groceries from adorkable poses. 

The shopping spree,  the emotional turmoil of buying new land and moving in  made me just drop to the almost bare floor and sway gently to the music.

Look at the beautiful Giselle skin from Glam Affair,  great hair from Exile and earrings from LouLou. I'm not the first to show it and will not be the last, but no matter, beautiful it is. 
This shopping spree of mine was the most exaggerated ever, but I was happy to contribute my, after all, few euros to Les Medicins sans Frontières, one of the best NGOs in the world

 What I'm wearing: (Everything bought at the Culture Shock event that is still ongoing.)

Jumpsuit: Ricielli ( Mesh) -  Papi Jumpsuit /pink
Shoes from (AMD) Tea Time Flats - Coal 
Necklaces: from: (AMD) Eccentric Pencil Necklace
                 from: (Caroline's Jewelry) Free as a Bird (gold)
Earrings from .:* LOULOU&CO *:. ,  :: NORA :: Purple
Hair: ::Exile:: Groove Theory:Wedge
Pose and grocery bag  from: aDORKable Poses:  Groceries
Skin:  -Glam Affair - Giselle - D Culture Shock

Pillow and recordplayer from 'what next'

Building : The songo courtyard garden and loggia from  [ba]  (Collabor8)


  1. aw really adorable set of pics. baguette and groceries included!
    Finally made it home to relax near the record player....