Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lemon Chiffon Adventures

Again I have been away for a week and  not been able to log into SL. But, surprisingly, I found myself in a Central European capital where every second house seemed to be some sort of light yellow. I clicked away and came home with tons of pictures of yellow houses and not much else.
Just took the time to tell Alexandra to put on her top from Addict  - put the results through photoshop , and there you are: Lemon Chiffon Prague for Luna's blog challenge.

Even the dogs seemed to have the right color and to be larger than life as so much in that marvelous city.

Alexandra enjoying the view from her virtual hillside

Top from [AddiCt]: -BoHo Summer Tube/Aztec
Jeans from Zaara: Distressed Jeans *light*
Shoes are a generous gift from [PM] Pixel Mode - Fae Wedge Denim - faded
Hair is from**Dura-Game**02(Brown)
Jewellery is from:
Dark Mouse Old Bangles Left 
Dark Mouse Spring Pearls  Earring 
Dark Mouse Spring Pearls Necklace
Skin is fromPulse/Bliss : Alexia-Beige/M23 


  1. WoW ... you seem to have the chance to see a lot of cool places ...
    Love those pics ... but I would have run from such a big doggie ;-P

  2. oh super these lemon houses in Prague.. super idea to use them for the ColorChalenge!!

  3. Aww pretty... wants to go on a trip soon too! I should go OUT sometime and see if I find colors! Cool and I love the dogy :P