Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cobalt and stuff

I found a cobalt colored dress for Luna's color challenge in a new to me shop: BILO.
I loved everything there, wonderful colors and mesh sizes that fit me perfectly. My puppet-master did not have the patience to let me sit around till the name of the shop got properly rezzed, she's like that sometimes. I must apologize for her.

Standing on a bridge close to the Bilo shop. It is very nice to walk around the Port Seraphine SIM.

Seen from the perspective of the fish.

After having spent some time  around the store, I remembered that the Relay for Life event, Home and Garden Expo, will soon be over. I went there, and was truly amazed at all the fantastic  houses and furniture and all things nice I found there. I even tried my hand  at painting, thanks to  SWAY'S  easel and things. Sway is worth a visit, indeed. I fell in love with almost everything they show there.

And finally, I'd like to highlight my very sweet necklace and earrings from Dark Mouse. Mouse Mimistrobell sent a notecard today telling her group that she had broken her wrist, and would not be able to create new things for some time, till around the end of June. I  hope she will recover soon. 
My lovely Giselle-skin(Glam Affair) is from the Culture Shock event, I just got it in time before the event closes its doors. I have felt a guilty pleasure in spending so much money on myself while giving to worthy causes. 

What I'm wearing:

Dress : from {bilo} , Salma in Blue
Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Yuri3" (Black amber)(Ribbon)
Shoes: from *GF* Strap Shoes "Alex" -patent:yellow(Tstrap) (a gift at Culture Shock)
Jewellery: Dark Mouse Spring Pearls  Earring 
                 Dark Mouse Spring Pearls Necklace 
Skin: from -Glam Affair - Giselle - Sent to Destroy  7 (from Culture Shock)

poses:  lean pose from Geez

Locations: Port Seraphine - {bilo}mainstore with lots of mesh
                       Home and Garden Fair at the Dreamseeker Estates


  1. So pretty, I love that hair and the dress really suits you

  2. nice all the information you give. Love the 2 perspectives at the bridge. beautiful the dress and the necklace and earrings

  3. Love the story and information behind the pictures

  4. Very pretty, just glad you didn't swim with the fishes!

  5. Awesome pics! the yellow shoes are a great contrast against the cobalt. I like your blog :)

  6. Aw all very pretty highlighting different parts of your outfit! Love the place and I SO love braids!

  7. Wow such artsy pics! Love it! That hairstyle & color looks so good on you!

  8. Such beautiful, artistic shots. The one of you painting is just lovely!