Saturday, May 5, 2012

Royal Purple delayed

While I was away from SL for some weeks, I travelled to many places(for once I'm not speaking in Alexandra's name, "I" stands for the person with the keyboard this time).
I could not log on to SL, but I could of course connect to the Internet and thus follow Luna Jubilee's color challenge indirectly.
The color challenge has the effect upon the participants, at least it has on me, that we get to think of certain colors for a whole week. I read on Luna's blog that the color of the week was royal purple. From that moment I saw the world through a purple-search filter. I entered the beautiful church in Oberammergau in Southern Germany, and what did I see?  Royal purple everywhere !
I clicked away and later I could show Alexandra, that I had thought of her  predicament and her needs while I was away. She lets me understand that she feels quite happy about the short visit to the other side.

What Alexandra is wearing:

ALB MARYLOU purple corset  and skirt by AnaLee Balut
Clawtooth: Flower Power (Pretty Purple)
[LeLutka]-INVERTED hair - Overcooked
Imabee: Petal - Rory - Purple Monster 

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  1. That's an amazing pic with a very special atmosphere ... I love it ;-)
    Hey ... you've been to the south of the country I live ... hope you liked it ;-))