Sunday, April 29, 2012

Catching up with the colours

Starting with the colour of the week in Luna's challenge : this time,  the colour is Thistle

I am far behind with the colours, because my puppet master left me alone for several weeks while she travelled the real world. I do not know her reasons , as she does not explain them to me. But anyway she was really mean this time, left me without a home to live in, as she suddenly disliked the place I called home and furthermore did not want to pay my tiers while she was away. I think the thing they call Real World must be a selfish and disagreeable place, but my puppet master tells me it is not, on the contrary it is filled with fun, good company, yummy food and intoxicating wine, things I cannot really get to grasp the full meaning of.
Finally, she is back in front of the computer, but I still have nowhere to call my home, not even a place to rez my boxes when shopping !! Back to noobie hell, almost !!
But we found a most wonderful sandbox,  thanks to Honour McMillan's great blog about places in SL. Not your usual desertlike plain, but a romantic, mystical background to the thistle colored costume I put together with items from the marvelous Fantasy Faire (now over).

I will come back to the thistle theme later, but now for some Shuttle Grey, some Bright Turquoise, some Seashell Peach, and some Tea Green - almost enough to bring me up-to date colourwise.

I had to go out shopping for some of these colours. Here in the very posh Mayfair shopping district,  dressed in shuttle grey jeans and sunglasses and with turquoise accents, while looking for seashell peachy stuff.

After shopping I found some privacy in a friend's house, where I can hang out a little till we find a place of my own. I dressed in tea green from coldLogic for  some silent contemplation.

To have a better look at the very nice jacket and top combination:

Later in the afternoon, I  left the house in the Linden suburbs to get to the Sandbox with all my shopping bags for the final thistle photo session - dressed in seashell peach from MonTissu:

Here I am in my homelessness, thinking of better things to come, and happy that I have wings to take me on my flight through the realm of Second Life looking for  a place with a nice landscape, calm surroundings and a little bit of a community so as not to feel dropped into the middle of nothingness on a desert island.

What I'm wearing in this color-clashing post:


Outfit: Lumina Nymph Costume in pink from Evie's Closet
Wings: Ragged Fairy Wings, Natural, Moss, by Jen Shikami for Fantasy Faire
Shoes: beemann - baby
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Ginger Mesh Hair - Rye
Skin: :GP: Moonbeam [Dark] May-Lilac 1
Eyes: Poetic Colors by LL - purple morning

Nails: * RezIpsa Loc * ~ Powder Pink Nails

Slate grey and Turquoise:

Blouse: Maitreya, Silk Neck-TieBlouse, Pure
Jeans: Maitreya Zipper-Skinny Jeans
Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Yuri3" (Black amber)
Ring: (Yummy) Relativity Ring
Sunglasses: (Yummy) Round Shades - Tortoise
Shoes: Maitreya Group Gift Pumps - Turquoise
Bracelet: ZC : Pratha silver cuff *turquoise* (forearm L)
ZC : Pratha silver cuff *turquoise* (forearm R)
Skin:  *YS & YS* Alice - Cool from a TDR some time ago
Eyes from Poetic Colors: classic - warm light ,  bright

Slate grey and Tea green:

Jacket and top : coldLogic combo - lepore jacket and tube  , green
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Ginger Mesh Hair - Golden
Necklace: SIGMA Jewels/ Aurora (silver)
ISON - color block prism pump, black

Seashell peach:

Dress: {mon tissu} Silk Tucked Pencil Dress /  Salmon Coral 1
Hair:  Truth - Kalle in espresso


  1. Oh Alexandra you are such a sweet fairy - queen of thistle fairy- hope your puppetmaster soon will find a good place for you. Love also the pictures in gray. Nice idea with the easel.

  2. I really love your thistle fairy, and I don't think it's colour clashing at all. Great sandbox too, must investigate! Btw the fair isn't quite over - they are keeping it open through Monday to make up for Thursday's grid downtime. Yay! I hope your puppet master finds you a new home soon ;) They can be capricious and forgetful owners, those PMs!

  3. Love the whole story line :D and the pictures

  4. Beautiful fairy. I love how you tied all your pics into the 'story' really nice post :)

  5. Aw Alexandra great job catching up! Fun pictures, I love the Tea Green! And if that witch is ever mean to you again feel free to come over and rez your boxes at my place!

  6. Amazing catching up! Love all the pics! You look beautiful! <333 welcome back!!!

  7. Lovely photos. I love your thistle, it is whimsy, sweet and romantic.