Friday, August 26, 2011

The Unbearable Boredom of Liver.

                     On a background of  liver for Luna Jubilee's colour challenge of the week.

Liver ! Childhood memories of slices of tough greyish matter with fried onions on top, served with boiled watery potatoes.
Adult memories of love affairs with alcoholics, their breath reeking of a liver gone bad.
Memories of a cat dying from a liver worn-out.
Memories of lunch in schools and offices with grey liverpaste on rye bread, unfortunately the national lunch of choice in my country of puritan tastes.
                                      Boredom in remembrance of days gone by.

                              Liver  ! What is it good for !...Absolutely nothing!

                                                             But then again:

what would we do without our liver to keep us alive? Without beautiful dark brown puppies and sturdy Icelandic horses with a soft livery coat ? What would a New Years eve be without a slice of foie gras and a glass of Sauterne, a picnic without a tasty slice of paté de foie ? What would life be without the hue of heart and liver? Nothing...absolutely nothing.

What I'm wearing:

Dress and top: from Just B in mustard and coffee (the Platinum Hunt)
Skin: the glowingly beautiful skin is Apple in natural from Rockberry (the Platinum Hunt)
livercoloured stockings made by myself
The first  liver coloured background is there to set the tone of melancholy. Bile produced in the liver was of course believed to be the reason for a melancholy disposition in classical medicine till late in  Medieval Europe.

Location : What Next Furniture store , where they have so much good stuff, but also this space with utterly boring furniture from the fifties, which of course is great in its own way.


  1. The Group really helped this week. Vera, Sonya and Laura helped with colour-picking and RPG finding. What fun.

  2. i had so much the same remembrances..didn't wrote them in my post ( yes alcohol and liver, the eating of it and the good sides also ) ...realy super to read it in your post... although we don't live in the same country.. same things pop up in our heads ...greetings Nic

  3. when it comes to liver, Nic, we might all be equal :-))

  4. Very cute top, and its true we should appreciate our livers more.

  5. Great text accompanying your liver. I haven't eaten meat since I was 13 yet I can probably still smell that awful lamb's fry smell from 100 metres in a light wind, ewwww ;-).

  6. Lovely writing--you put it very well--we probably all thought about the same things this week!

  7. Hey, nothing wrong with rye bread and liver pate! <.< I fortunately never had to eat the icky grey things, just casserole.

    I love how you've cropped the last picture, it brings the attention to the eyes -- which have gorgeous make-up. The middle picture with its muted tones is indeed extremely depression radiating, good job!

  8. Thank you Alexandra :) Well there are good uses for liver in the kitchen.. We're more scared of the concept I think... But your piccies came out real cool!

  9. I have to say, you put a realistic spin on liver, and so true your words. =)
    Great photos, LOVE the tights you made! =)

  10. Wow so pretty! That skin looks like it's made for you! <3