Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mesh Moves

Mesh is of course the thing discussed and featured everywhere this week.  I have tried on several dresses, pants , skirts, sunglasses and some more during the last couple od days. The creators are very generous with their mesh prims.
It is true that the mesh clothes moves with your body, but it is also true that they don't move very much apart from that, no sweet flexi movement there. The prim details are not so well developed just now, but I suppose that will come. The creators are simply so taken with the way the body and the mesh move together.
The dress I liked the most up till now is this one from Jane:

It looks great on the body.
Not everything must be mesh: I love the hair too. It frames the face nicely, and the messy long bangs still do not cover the eyes - Dura perfection.

I like the way the sleeves are long and ever so smoothly covers part of the hand. It seems so comfortable.

The problem is of course that I don't want to go outside of my house in this, as I would look very strange to anyone without a mesh adapted viewer.
To show you how this long tight dress goes with the dance moves, I therefore had to dance at home with myself.
I have never tried to make a film clip like this before, and I'm not sure it will function. It certainly does not here in  blogger before publishing. So if not, I'm sorry.
And if it does function , I apologize as well. The quality of my film making is not the best, to state it mildly. I do not know how to edit yet, so'you'll get everything as it occurred.
But one must start somewhere, and this, I think, could be interesting for those of you who haven't tried mesh out yourselves (if it works).

What I'm wearing:

Dress: 2nd  skin dress, horizon in charcoal  from Jane
Hair Dura-Game 02 in chocolate from Dura
Skin from Rockberry
Shoes : Sophia pumps lacedheels black from Ricielli
Earrings Anjami Candelier earrings in gold from Zaara
Eyes, bright eyes in massive lead  from Poetic Colors

Music by Gotan Project (if you can hear it)

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