Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Arrival of Mesh

                                              Celebrating the day mesh came to the metaverse .
                                                    Balloons and poses from What Next

The jeans and poncho are from Jane. Many people hang around in Jane's store trying on the new goods.  There was a buzz of excitement in the air.
They stretch nicely over the body - but the poncho can still sink into the body in extreme positions.

There is truly a materiel sense of fat wool when you look at this poncho.

Prop and Pose from Geez, in the platinum hunt


But one thing is certain : we are going to  go through some strange moments in the months ahead. Because when I logged off the Beta Viewer 3 and  logged on to one of the older viewers,  this is what I saw:

What is going to happen? Do we want to be seen like this by many of our co-inhabitans?
Will they stick to their non-mesh viewers or give in to the newness?

The Juliette hair in cocoa from Truth survived the meshy onslaught and remained sane in the picture's general crazyness .
As did my  favourite skin from Chain and Vine.

Mesh objects were found in other places. Here is one of the three sets of earrings, offered as a group gift from PixelDolls.

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