Saturday, August 20, 2011

Quest for Chartreuse

The colour Chartreuse  - which is this week's colour in Luna Jubilee's colour challenge - got its name from the greenish or yellowish hue  of the liqueur produced by Carthusian Monks at the peaceful monastery La Grande Chartreuse in the Chartreuse Mountains in France.
So I set out on a quest to find an environment that could bring me close to the spiritual mood of the Monastery
The very first monastery I arrived at, welcomed me with a promising hue :

But when I looked into the cauldron,  where I expected to find a delicious liqueur, it seemed more like a witches brew made from a rat's tail, five butterfly wings, a spiderweb and seven cat's whiskers.
Not at all what I was looking for. I jumped back in horror thanks to the poses from Di's Opera in the platinum hunt. The broomstick left by some witch made its crazy lonely rounds behind me

My next two stops took me first to a place where peasants fought with clergymen , no one  was actually present but that was the general idea of the monastery setting, no peace of mind there. Then on to a place where there were cages to imprison people in,  collars and torture instruments - not exactly my cup of tea or my idea of a monastery.
I continued my journey and found a kind of basilica, where I sat down and hoped that I would be spared more insight into the darker sides of human nature

This was a bit too deep for me and too dark to show off my colours.
But my prayer seemed to help because the next place I tp'ed into was the proper setting for ending my Quest for something like La Grande Chartreuse.

A monastery  in the mountains,
solemn, calm, with cloisters to walk, books to peruse  - and silence to let your thoughts bloom.

An imposing wall  seemed to tell us to stay outside if we had evil intentions.

I met a very kind person. Feirn, who was on a quest of her own for libraries . She wanted to find a perfect notecard copy of Plato's The Republic.   Our conversation seemed to me very fitting. I imagined the monks muttering words on Platonic ideals while mixing herbs for the greenish Chartreuse.

Inside the monastery walls,  cloisters with colonnades gave me the space and time to just stand there and be green .

The shirt from Schadenfreude (in a different colour) started my whole blogging experience some months back, as my very first blog post was made in response to a challenge around it. The idea was that everyone would style the same shirt differently and in that way really bring out their individuality.      The same is true for the colour challenge. So many ways to interpret the same colour. It is a pleasure to follow the development of ideas and skills among the bloggers.

What I'm wearing:
Shirt: Oxford Shirt in Chartreuse from Schadenfreude
Shoes: Monochrome Clogs in Chartreuse from Simplestuff at the SL Marketplace
Jeans: Classic jeans in black from Zaara

From the Platinum hunt (cost 10 linden):
Earrings: Anjami Chandelier Earrings from Zaara
Skin: Dessa Skin from Lara Hurley
Poses: from Di'Opera

                  Basilica in Braunworth


  1. You look super cute in this and I love the shots.

  2. Beautiful photos, and it seems you had an adventurous time, and even met a new friend! =) I would call that a good day!

  3. The first monastery is rather dubious! *laughs* Oh, and I did the Acha-challenge with those shirts, too. Turned into an old-fashioned gangster girl with it, loved the challenge. <3

    I like how you go to the roots of the colour-names in your explorations and add more substance to the post that way, always a pleasure to read.

  4. Oh my you went all out on this one! Love the location work... just stay away from the witch's broom! :P