Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sleepy Jazzberry

 I had found the outfit for the Luna Jubilee colour challenge..........

but wanted to go to a jazz concert to put this strange colour - Jazzberry - into a context.
The concert would not start till rather late at night. While waiting, I tp'ed around our beloved universe and found myself in a very nice harbour area. Peaceful and well made.

Here my COCO dress and me, hanging around with nothing much to do in the Untroubled Sound.
I sat on a bench, thinking of the latest developments on the stock exchange. Not likely, really , but who knows what goes through an avatar's mind?

I I loved the place, with its rusty anchors and shipyards.
But, well, I  simply could not stay awake till 4 o'clock. So decided to immediately tp to the jazzclub.  Before leaving, I noticed  the SIM had a kind of dormitory for backpackers and other wandering souls.

I arrived at a totally empty club. Of course:  the concert was to start 3 hours later. I sat down and looked around. On the table in front of me, I saw a bottle of Jazzberry Wine (have to admit that Photoshop served it).

I asked my RL person to play some nice jazz music and enjoyed dancing all alone after midnight.

I'm used to dancing alone, but enough is enough,  I'll try to get back when the music is playing and people are around to create a semblance of togetherness. After a couple of tunes, I had to find a bed, had to, had to............... zzzzzzzz
I went back to the Untroubled Sound and had a good night's sleep  - although the accomodations weren't that comfortable, to say the least.

In the morning it was time for Luna's challenge.  And what a pleasure to see all those fun, sweet and beautiful posts - inspired by the strange fruit colour.

What I'm wearing (things I haven't  blogged before that is):
Dress: Swing dress in Art Print/ red from COCO
Hair: BC322 , Rock Me  in golden from Skull&Bones (I got it at the Hair Fair)

Maritime SIM: Untroubled Sound
Jazzclub at Costa Rica : Jazz Nights


  1. That dress is pretty much perfect for a jazz club, quirky yet sophisticated. Good choice!

  2. The dress is a real eyecatcher, its so vintage... Love the huge pattern with the even bigger flower... its awesome!

  3. Great post, that is a beautiful sim and you look lovely.

  4. that is funny i nearly bought that dress because it fitted to the New York Jazz club... see my blog ( the windows there are on your dress..Greetings Nicandra

  5. You look great, that dress is perfect for a jazz show!