Saturday, July 16, 2011

Celadon , north and south

While my Mastermind was away on holiday, she thought of me and my celadon challenge in Luna Jubilee's 36th week of colour challenge. She wanted to show me how they seem to make roofs in celadon colour under that Northern sky, close to glaciers and lava streams. And brought me momentarily out-world. But we had to agree that the dress from Les Petits Details is better than the roof when it comes to celadon. The plastic chair gives its own unexpected contribution to the theme.

I had had the time for a final breakfast before she left for her holiday. Here I am stepping onto another balcony in a much warmer environment:

Having my morning tea from a marvel of celadonian pottery. Look at that teapot and stuff, the perfection of celadon  made by Casandra Jackson :

What an agreeable moment, reading my newspaper under the luscious Costa Rica sun

Back to the lava fields, she, the Mastermind,  thought of celadon again when she saw this rugged plant fighting its way up through such barren ground. The ground is coming back to life, some 40 years after a major volcanic eruption. The colours of the first plants are in the delicate shades of celadon. Isn't the Earth amazing in its brutality and finesse!

What I'm wearing:

Skin: May from Curio
Hair: from Lelutka 
Necklace: Asian Influence from Earthstone
(Skin, Hair, Nails from and Necklace have been blogged by me repeatedly before)
Dress: Mrs Sping dress in Green tones from Les Petits Details
Brakfast tray with teapot etc. in Celadon from Food at Cas, by Casandra Jackson
Newspaper with pose, the Bay City Bugle by Plastik Frog,  bought at the SL Marketplace,  

Locations: Costa Rica SIM

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  1. Love how you found celadon ceramics for the shot, too! Although my favorite is that escaping panda newspaper. ^_^