Saturday, July 2, 2011

Alex has got the electric blues

at Vitabela, seeing perfection
After I had put my  look together, I found this dress at Vita's Boudoir.  It screamed "Electric Blue" at me. But I had already spent more Linden dollars than I wanted , and could not be allowed to go into Haute Couture mode for a dress that I might only wear once. But could it be more perfect than this?

This is what I had already put together for the 35th week of Luna Jubilee's colour challenge. I like it too. The Maitreya flip-flops, blogged by everyone in the SL-fashion  blogosphere it seems, are amazing. Look at that dragonfly. It is to die for. You can change the colours of the beads and the metal. The hud is quite easy to use (and totally easy  if you wear one of the preset skins).

I was trying out the various poses and backgrounds in my photostudio, when one of my Kittycats came up to look at me . They are just a bundle of scripts and prims, but they are so well scripted that you actually start believing they have feelings and a will of their own.  Billy came up to me and just gazed at me in disbelief, wanting me to play or cuddle him in stead. Isn't it weird how this illusion can be made ! Thank you to the KittyCats creators, they are doing a marvellous job.

Now that I speak of animals in SL,  I also have a small group of meeroos.  I have taken to pet them in bunches to save time. Here is a mother with a new born babymeeroo. They have expressive eyes, make funny little noises, beg you to be petted and dig up things like rotten bananas. 
The picture gives you a glimpse of the very nice necklace and bracelet from Earthstones and U&RDogs respectively. The necklace has colour change gems. I wore it in jade some time back.

See what I found while out shopping: A sofa to go with the colour theme of the week. It stood outside a small shop called Le Poppycock.  I enjoyed myself there, although I had only money to spend on one bag.  My RL impersonator  is leaving for her holiday so she has cut down on my allowance.

She is leaving me behind to go to some forsaken place with no internet - that's what she says, but I don't know whether to believe her. Whatever the truth of the matter,  I'll be stuck in the black not-logged-on hole for at least 10 days.
What can I do. Just pretend that I'm leaving for a holiday myself, wave goodbye and walk into the falling darkness.

Look at that sky,  promising new adventures  over the horizon . Take care my friends !

What I'm wearing:
Top: Rachelle cropped bustier in Electric blue Whippet and Buck
Shirt: Linen shirt in white from Coco
Shorts: Safari pants in vanilla from Lelutka
Necklace: Asian Influence Necklace from Earthstones
Bracelet: Clair de Lune bracelet in gold from U&R DOGS
Shoes: Flip-flops in Aqua from Maitreya Gold
Bag: Hat box 'playing the G minor sonata' from Le Poppycock
Skin , hair, nails have been blogged before

Poses: Olive juice and hate me eat me
Locations: Osaka and Vita's Boudoir


  1. very cute pics ...
    and don't be mad with your RL impersonator ...
    some time off the virtual stuff can be very refreshing ;-)
    enjoy ... *hugs*

  2. Great pics--I am loving your bag!

  3. Love your pics, and I love the look too! <33

    xo alina

  4. Your look is adorable and much more versatile and wearable than the top dress as pretty as it may be. Love the shorts and your pets. Have a good holiday!

  5. I love the whole post! My favorite is the first picture though, you look so sad and longing there in the corner of the picture, excellent composition. And that is -exactly- how I'm sure we all feel when we find something absolutely amazing that we just can't justify buying. Standing there twitching 'but, but, it's so AMAZING... /sniff'

    I also got serious bag-coveting and I don't even use them, but that's so cute. Love how you used a matching couch and I must also wave a squee-flag for meeroos. And the kitty wandering into the picture...

    Such excellent, excellent job with the whole post. I hope your impersonator has a great holiday!

  6. OMG! Your post rocks!! From A to Z...LOVE IT!!