Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mauve - week 34 in Luna Jubilee's colour challenge

   Nuances of mauve make this woman look girly, innocent and somewhat shy . Mon Tissu creates beautiful things.

But from this point on,  today's post will have no more harmonious aesthetics. Second Life is certainly a universe where colours clash and everything  possible can happen. And it was celebrated this week at the big SL8 year birthday event.
I tp'ed there a couple of times and had to wade through oceans of lag. I felt like the Kirsten Dunst character, Justine,  in Lars von Triers film Melancholia, who seems to run through black treacle, never getting anywhere. But in SL we're kind of used to that, and it does not lead to depression, just a vague longing for a better future with lag under control.
Anyway, I saw lots of funny stuff, had nice encounters and many laughs.
                                                 You have to love a world like this.

Lots of artists were there to show their ouevres.  I visited one of the stands and talked with the  creator of some very nice tableaus. Nima Benoir offered the possibilty of hanging out inside a picture:

Made by Nima B

Then I met a sweet small being.  Swaggering on short, but perfect legs among Nima's pictures, the cutest Tiny had fun trying to sit in chairs made for giants like me, and I totally succcumbed to the charm. I asked Peewee Musytari if she would mind my using her picture on my blog and she said it was ok. By fortunate coincidence,  she was just totally dressed in mauve. How lucky can a person get ! 
The first  picture (can it be more SL than this) just to give you an idea of  the size. I mean when birds are bigger than you - you are small! The green mini monster was somebody as well, but I forgot to ask for this person's name.

Here , may I present the tiniest mauve-clad person at the SL8Birthday party:

Peewee Musytari

I myself could leave the Birthday celebration with the cutest white  kitten. It was a free birthday gift from Kittycats to all of us.  The expenses will come when you need to feed it next week. So go pick it up, but try to stay away from kittyaddiction, as that way perdition lies.

I had grown wiser. less innocent and not at all shy through the process of fighting for hours through the laggyness.  You know what they say,  if it does not kill you, it makes you stronger.  


What I'm wearing:
Skin: Laetitia skin Violet orchid from Les petits Details or *LpD*
Hair:Kalia in chestnut from Truth
Top: Gathered Frills Blouse in cream from Mon Tissu
Skirt: Scattered Birds Skirt in Lilac from Mon Tissu
Shrug : Loire Knit Shrug in Striped Mauve from Mon Tissu
Jewellery: Mosaic Cuff Bracelet in Twilight from EarthStones
Shoes: Fae Wedges in khaki by Pixel Mode or [PM]
Nails from Tres Blah


  1. Such a gorgeous outfit, thank you for showing us around SLB also... Wasn't planning on going but think that some of these things might have drawn me in

  2. Thanks for the info on SLB, I have to say I just haven´t made it and the lag does discourage...but now I may make the effort. Great pictures!

  3. I absolutely love this outfit. Everything about it is perfect.

  4. Great Mauve Post!! Lag and SL? Ahh well, its like peas and carrots, they go together =)

  5. Darling outfit and great post!