Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Yesterday, I decided to go on a safari.  The first thing I saw there was a giraffe. It would have been perfect for the mahogany colour challenge, but today was another day.
I met gnus, a rhinoceros, antilope, cheetas and ostrich and and and. .....
But you had better go see for yourself.

                                     A safari without zebras is just not right, so here they are.

After walking around for a long time, I was quite happy to find a campgound. Two creatures watched me all the time  I was there, may be hoping to get a piece of the sausage from the campfire, or just waiting for my mosquito net to fall from my hat to reveal my face fully to them. Who knows what goes through heads like those.

The mosquito net  protected me to the end of my safari adventure. Afterwards I sat in my garden dreaming of Africa .

My dreams turned a little weird. Something big and bulky  stood in front of me : Africa would not let me go. The strange eerie light of the night must have played tricks with my sleepy imagination.

What I'm wearing:
Safari outfit including hat, hair, dress, scarf. binoculars and mosquito net from sur
Shoes: Fae Wedge in Khaki from PM
Bangle: Fossilized Bracelet in copper from Dark Mouse
Pose and pose prop: Elephant  from Magnifique
Hemingway Pavillion from Clutter

Location: Cap Estel goes Safari

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