Saturday, June 18, 2011

In Mahogany, Migrating into the Great Beyond

Here I am in my photostudio, showing you my new dress from Gizza, in shades of mahogany.
It is my contribution to this week's Luna Jubilee colour challenge.

While standing there , a longing crept up on me. I wanted to go beyond,  to get out into the open, to where I could smell the water and feel the touch of warm, soft skin. I concentrated all my powers,  asked my RL master for some photoshop help, and suddenly there I was:

I could feel the blood pulsating under the soft mahogany  and white skin,  the smell of horses and newly cut grass. The breeze caressed my legs and the salty twang from the sea made me dizzy. I felt exhilarated - but  got almost scared.

But then I turned around and a calm set in. The expanse of yellowness softly moving in the wind..... I was at peace.

Now, I was becoming really adventorous, and asked to be invited to the home of my RL puppetmaster, For a moment I did not feel like her puppet any more, but as en equal. I was pleased to visit her place, but somewhat surprised about the lack of discipline there. Imagine  the black cat was allowed on the table. That would never happen with my inworld Kittycats. They might be spreading like an epidemic in all corners of my parcel, but on the tables  - never!

My master told me that I had overstayed my visit in the beyond and that I would have to return to the pixelated world.
"Oh, let me take something with me", I begged, " Let me have something warm and furry with me!"

I got no reply.  But back in my house,  I lay down on the carpet,  reflecting on those extreme moments of sensation and it was there! Something giving off the warmth of life at my side: I looked to my left and there, but for a fleeting moment, a small warm curled up bundle of  joy with specks of mahagony in her three-coloured fur.
After seconds, she vanished like a mirage. I was back for good.

I tp'ed to my skyloft, attached a kittycat with other dots of mahogany.  And after all,  home is where I belong - at least till next time the strange longing fills me.

What I'm wearing:
Skin in close up:  Alexia from Pulse
Hair: Liz in a couple of the copper  tones  fro Amacci
Dress and bangles: Jane series (Vol 1) from Gizza
Shoes: Ilaida Mojni in saffron from Zaara

Nails: Nail colour from Tres Blah
Poses: from  Hopscotch and from croire:

Location: Nordsjælland and Copenhagen, Denmark in Real Life


  1. hey you - love the post this week <3

    I can't seem to find you inworld tho. can you send me an IM so I can send your gift. Thanks!

  2. Awwww, love how you brought the color into the storyline. Just lovely. =)
    Great choice of color blends..very well done!

  3. Aww! The kitties win the Best in Mahogany Prize! My favorite is the last picture <3

  4. Aww.. what a beautiful story...
    Brought happy tears to my eyes :)

  5. Awww Gizza never fails! I always want everything they release! <3 And ohhh that kitty is sooo cute!