Saturday, June 11, 2011


This week in Luna Jubilee's 52 week colour challenge, jade is what we need to show. I've got no idea what I was doing here, I just think the picture is visually pleasing, something almost like an abstraction of jade.  Some prim problems going on, but that was because of the strange pose, not the dress itself.

Jade made me immediately think of Chinese gemstones.
Accordingly, I went to an Asian SIM, dressed in an Asian inspired dress. I know Japan is not China, but I just liked this Pan-Asian mixture.

Here I am, sitting in a bamboo grove, if that's the word, looking at the world through jaded eyes,  and being heartbreakingly youthful in the sweet May skin from Curio and the cute Magika Kitten hair, an older style that you can get for almost nothing  now.
I must show you the earrings and necklace up close, they are an epiphany of light jade

Love the freckles and the little pinprick discoloration in the earlobe, that bit of an eye from Fashism, and the glimpse of a brown hairbase from Miamai.
What creators ! And what greatness  they please us with even in the smallest detail!

Now, let's have a better look at the Japan of yesteryear, and let us hope the very best for that  stricken country.

Finally,  let me show you the whole dress from Sweetest Goodbye. This dress started the whole Asian adventure that turned out to be not so jaded after all.

What I'm wearing:
Dress: Breeze dress in beige and mint from Sweetest Goodbye
Jewellery: Asian Influence earring and necklace  Luck from Earthstones
Skin: May in sundust and in petal from Curio
Hair: Kitten in midnight from Magika
Make up: Tattoos from Tuli, lips and cheeks
Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in Deep Aqua from FASHISM

Japan Kanto sim
Skydome Pluto+ at Sway sim


  1. Wonderfully done post, I agree that it's almost impossible to speak of jade without having cultural associations with it. I love all the little details and interesting close-ups. <3

  2. Love the shots and those earrings and necklace are amazing!

  3. These are great shots, very lovely. I love the detail on your jewelry and those sweet freckles.

  4. You enjoy the beauty of our creators to!
    Beautiful pictures, and I absolutely LOVE the jade earrings and necklace.

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  6. Thank you for your wonderful comments.
    (I had to remove my own comment - there were spelling mistakes I did not like to share with the world)