Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Twist of Lemon

I did not have a lot of time to think of this lemon post for Luna Jubilee's 52 week colour challenge.  I have not been alive for the 10 days my real life ego was away on holiday, so could not let the idea of lemon grow in a natural way. This was the outfit I finally came up with. There is a twist of lemon here and there, I think.

But before I got o this final outfit, I was simply so thrilled to get back inworld. I had to do all the things I normally do to quickly feel at home again.
I immediately sat down among my meeroos, ready to take notes if there were problems to solve or new furs to notice. I didn't even take the time to completely change the dress I wore for the celadon challenge last week.

Everything seemed allright, so I  took a ride downtown to see how things were at the old colonial shopping district in Costa Rica. Many people must be on holiday,  I was quite alone in town.

Next up, some shopping and hunting. You can't live without it if you wan't to be part of the fashion blogger community. Here I am,  trying out some bath towel poses  at  the  LISP store. I think they started the Season's Hunt (that officially starts Monday) a little early. People seemed very ready for hunting again, the store was full to the brim with people looking for the shark with the prize in it. I gave up before I began and decided to do some SL tourism.

I found myself in sunny Italy within seconds. Enjoyed the piazza in the sweet village La Perla. After some time, I decided I had better go home to prepare the post for Luna's blog.
A very ordinary day in the life of an avatar.

What I'm wearing:

Picture 2:
Skin: LAEL stargazer from Chain and Vine
eyes: my usual bright eyes in massive lead from Poetic Eyes. I'm not feeling good without them.
Hair: a sweet short hair Our Deal in Blur Root from Lamb. Bought at the Hair Fair
Bow: Bow for Hair 2 from IREN. Bought at the Hair Fair
Bangles: Asymetriques, yellow from ::je suis::
Pencil: yellow pencil from Magic Nook
Nails: simple nail polish in yellow from Rozena
Pose Prop: Happy Stump from ::ITuTu::

Picture 3:
Top: Womens Contrast Long Sleeve  tee in sunshine/slate from Whippet and Buck
Shorts: Safari Pants/vanilla from LeLutka
Bag: DayTripper Bag in Peace from Addict

Picture 1, 4 and 5:
Dress: Strapless dress in Olive from Maitreya
Belt: High Waisted Belt , Patent Yellow from Maitreya


  1. I love your outfit dotted here and there with lemon - the belt, bangle, nailpolish, hair tie and even the pencil :P
    You traveled a lot and saw a lot of cool places! :)

  2. Beautiful dress and that belt rocks. Very lovely.

  3. Such cute lemon accents! Love your post, and welcome back! Hope your holiday was as lovely as you deserve =)

  4. Welcome back from holiday! I love the outfit - so fun and summery:)

  5. The bright yellow nails were my favorite, although more seriously: I love how you write actual stories about the look, it adds so much to it all. Stories make everything immediately more appealing. ^_^