Saturday, May 7, 2011

In olive territory

For this week's post in Luna Jubilee's 52 week colour challenge, I started out by looking for all things olive in my inventory. The result is here:

Lying in my loft on the lovely icebear rug from ANA_MATIONS talking on the phone from Olive Juice and behind me an example of beautiful art, created solely inside of Second Life and with the tools we have here,  by the artist Dulcis Taurog. Look at that impression of light on her canvas!

But I was not fully satisfied with this. I love olives, the colour, the baguettes you need to soak up the oil, the old tortured trees, the landscape where they grow, for me that landscape is Provence in Southern France. And I wanted to invoke some of that. Now, I had noticed a new dress from the Secret Store that seemed to fit my purpose. I had to fight the horrible lag to get to it at the Culture Shock 2011 event, but getting to the dress was worth it, and having fought for something makes it precious. The dress has been shown on many blogs, but so be it. Here's my invocation of all things olive.

Leaning on the wall in an old Provencal village, thanks to the beautifully made scenic boxes from Garden of Dreams.

Just before breaking the bread to soak up the lovely olive juices

Leaning against another wall, in the late afternoon sun

What I'm wearing:

Picture 1
Top: Claudia Minidress, olive from R.icielli
Jeans: Norfolk pants, Olive from [YU] (an old gift or from a hunt)
Shoes: Deck Shoes in woodland, canvas, from *BOOM* (from the Help Japan event)
Skin: Elisa skin group gift from Les petits Details
Hair: Rush, red from Elkatira
Telephone and pose: Olive Juice

Pictures 2, 3 and 4
Dress: Popsicle dress, from the Secret Store
Jacket: Eglantine, Floral, from the Secret Store
Skin: Pulse /Bliss Skin, Alexia  beige
Hair:  Pia, in java,  from Truth
Poses from Olive Juice


  1. You did a great job with olive! Love your location pics!

  2. Fantastic pics, love the olive toned phone!