Friday, April 29, 2011

Tangerine dream

I am myself utterly amazed at the beauty I can present this week for Luna Jubilee's 52-week colour challenge - mostly thanks to the exquisite Al Andalus SIM. 

Tangerine in quantities is not so pleasant to my eyes, but when I accepted the idea that glimpses, hints, dots of orange hue would be enough, the whole scene fell into place. I seemed to remember a flamenco dress with tangerine coloured dots and went looking for it wherever you find flamenco related objects. My searches brought me to this dress instead, the remembered one might be something seen during a real life shopping spree in Jerez years ago.

What I'm wearing:

Skin: Laetitia, Violet Orchid,  from Les Petits Details ( LpD Skins Mainstore)
Hair: Anna Bun, brown with black ribbon, and brown hairbase. Both from MiaMai
Dress: Samsa Flamenco 7 from the SL marketplace (includes hairflower  and (very clumsy  - to be polite) flamenco shoes)
Flamenco animation from Sine Wave Dances

The Al Andalus Sim with the Alhambra and other wonderful structures was mostly built by the fantastic builder  Satir DeCuir . Her textures are something else. Take a look at all the homes and  houses in her store


  1. a tasteful and different view on tangerine ... love it ;-)

  2. Wow so classy! What a beautiful dream :)

  3. Beautiful! I love your take and how you used the tangerine to accent your picture.

  4. Very creative! I like how you went to find the proper place and dances, the flamenco theme throughout! And Tangerine is definitely there :)

  5. Gorgeous, love the tangerine flecks in the purple... its stunning