Monday, April 25, 2011

City shopping and developing skills:

I went out shopping in a new coat. The coat was cute with some frilly lacey layers underneath.  I wanted a more sharp, city-like look, so I  removed the frilly flexiprims. I have never tried that kind of thing before, so I started out in trepidation,  yet full of optimism.  There were many, many, many flexiprims, I had no idea !
And when I had removed them, they hang in the air at some distance from me. I did not know how to get rid of them, so instead I made them very very tiny. Now all around my hips, there was a halo of small flexi-pellets, as if I was a duck in a hunt being shot at with shotguns from all sides. Then I put the ammunition inside of my body, where it seems to stay. What a lot of work, but for me progress towards moderation mastery.

I wanted to bring home a colourful Easter egg, but instead I stood there with a nice little black box in my hand.To lighten things up, I rezzed a cube, which I then changed into a coloured backdrop. Again something quite new in my SL life. I know, I know - nothing very complex in that.
Blogposting truly changes my SL life. Skills I had no idea were possible, suddenly blossom as I need them to entertain  - hopefully .

 Finally, I was getting somewhere: the pose, the sunglasses, the attitude.Yes, I was gettng there.

What I'm wearing:

Skin: from !mabee
Hair: 086, blonde, from [Love Soul]
Coat: Coat dress (modified) from Ambrosia
Skirt: Lonina black skirt from  Ivalde
Shirt: Cole Boatneck, electric, from Whippet and Buck
Shoes:  Bow Strap Shoes, black, from +GF+
Sunglasses: Gold Sunglasses  from the Fashion Garret

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