Saturday, April 23, 2011

Periwinkle - What's that?

One more week of the Luna Jubilee 52 week colour challenge
Despondent and exhausted after days of looking for the solution to the riddle (to me as a non-English speaker) of what periwinkle truly truly is and after travelling through the metaverse to find the perfect dress, I was happy when my always  compassionate, loving Unicorn (from +Studio Sidhe+) came to the rescue and carried me home just before the final breakdown.

The week started with me trying to find an easy way out, typing the word periwinkle in the SL marketplace search bar. I found a dress there, but it never felt like anything I would feel right in. Here I am in a moment of complete dissatisfaction.

But the icebear rug (nappy bear) from ANA_MATIONS is marvellously cute.

Then during the Season's Hunt, I went to the wrong place and  tp'ed into a land of wonder, the Embryo SIM - home of the Un Jour main store. I there found a treasure trove of the sweet and the poetic.
I'm neither sweet nor poetically minded, but I can see the point in such things when I meet them in such quality.
I found something that looked periwinkly - and enjoyed the natural beauty of virtual nature, while I wondered whether this dress was the right one.

"Yes", I said to myself, "this must be it". I mean, some of this mix of colours must be periwinkle !  I felt a moment of pride at the mission accomplished.

That's me feeling proud. 
Of course it did not last long. Doubt set in. Who am I to present a girly, fluffy, cute me. Can I recognize myself in this? Who am I. Can Alexandra take on any identity without losing the respect of her more intellectually minded RL impersonator?

Here I am - in existential pain - just moments before the Unicorn came to the rescue. 

What' I'm wearing:

Picture 1, 3, 4 and 5:
Skin: Alice - 04 Orchidea from YS&YS
Hair: Lush in Glucose from Lelutka
Dress: Narcolepsy dress in blue from un Jour
Feet: BareFeet from YS&YS 

Picture 2:
Skin: Jenny Grey 3 Raven from Mynerva (the grey version is not for sale any more)
Hair: Mai hair in platinum from D!va
Dress: Breeze in periwinkle from [Happy]
Shoes: Sora Boots in white from AddiCt, I think it is an old gift.

This week, I noticed a great Machinima. It pictures a quite tortured relationship between avatar and master. A Journey into the Metaverse is  TutsyNavarathna's entry into the University of West Australia Machinima Contest lll


  1. That dress definately isn't too girly, too fluffy or whatever ... but it's so beautiful ... so no need to worry ;-)

  2. you look amazing, there is no worry there... I often wonder do I look like myself in some of these outfits and most often its a no but they heck looking as good as this, the change is a good one at least for a bit?

  3. Aww! I love the story you wove in both pictures and words, and it's one I'm sure every blogger knows! Especially when we try to match colours! Is this it? Does it match? ...even if it does, is it me? Would I blog it if it was any other colour? Should I find something else? /despair!

    Worry not, you look wonderful and if it didn't feel quite like you, you can always blame a clone from another metaverse!

    Oh, and loved the unicorn and the bear. <3

  4. Fabulous post! I totally understand the dissatisfaction/despair feeling but you made it through and came up with a great store, a fantastic look, and beautiful pictures!