Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Colour me orange

Yesterday was a big day in my blogging life. I got my first follower. I'm so proud. Thanks Mayala!

When I had put this outfit together, (it took me some time to modify it so that the top would stay - most of the time - inside the belt), it seemed that some dancing was called for. I don't go to many clubs, so had to hop around trying to find a club that would fit the clothes.
This one was called Demonic Night club, and the demonic thing about it was the flames of hell decorating the walls. I liked them as they went well with my dress. and no one behaved in any devilish fashion, so I took my time till I caught a nice dance move.  But the music was of the head banging kind, which  doesn't go well with the lady in me - when it hammers on for too long, that is.

I tp'ed home to recuperate. 
In my despondent mood after too much headbanging,  I suddenly remembered a moment from my marathon tour through the thousands of shops in the great Season's Hunt. 
I could not find the bee in one store, but then in that same place found some inner peace in the midst of hunting madness when clicking "SIT" on a small structure called a Rehab Retreat. Had to buy it, absolutely had to.
Now I needed some headbanging rehab,  rezzed the small structure on my land, and was rehabbed through several wonderful yoga-animations. This is an animation called 'tree'. A great find : Rehab Retreat from Cheeky Pea. 

It was very late now, what with clubhopping, rehabbing , etc, so I just sat down in my favourite sofa to calm down before retiring  into the big dark void of a non-rezzed state of being. Where are we when we are not here? I asked myself. I find any answer to the question embarrassingly empty of meaning.
The picture gives you a better idea of the fantastic necklace, that will colour change at the click of a mouse, with 10 colours to choose from

What I'm wearing:

Dress: Oliviera Dress, tangerine, from Cheerno Femme
Shoes: Les Talons Tanaisie from Azoury (difficult to make the perfect fit for me)
Hair: Angie, black, from EMO-tions
Necklace and earrings: Stats  from Gems & Kisses (black +10 colours)
Bangles: asymetriques::oranges from je suis

The Oversized Knit Couch has many great animated poses, and seems so comfortable,  from Awesome Blossom-


  1. when I should ever happen to host a Black-Orange event again, I send you a tp and I can watch your hot outfit live ... tho that would mean headbanging time again, as that's what I love in Sanct ;-)

  2. Ha ha, Mayala- headbanging alone in front of a colour assorted wall is not the same as doing it in company. Looking forward to invite!