Saturday, May 14, 2011

There is no end to pink

The pink experience in the Luna Jubilee colour challenge, now in its 28th week, began peacefully. Nature, the dress and I were in pink harmony.
But after a while the harmony got a little boring and I tp'ed to the Chakryn Forest  to seek for adventure.  I found the place, by the way, in Cajsa Lilliehook's very helpful notecard with slurls to good backgrounds for your photos.
The forest was deep and dark. I was accosted by a friendly man, but that was not so interesting.  I went further and suddenly a horrible robot-eye jumped up right in front of me. I got so scared!!

Uhhh, alone in the big dark world, I had to sit down and cry.

Fortunately, a tp is never far away, and in two seconds I was back in the peacefull meadow in the Emerald Green,  where I,  like a pink flower patch, could merge with nature and forget about the dangers out there.

Something else happened this week. Something very weird. My Real Life alter ego imposed her will on me, and did something that she has promised will not happen again !

She had to travel to a conference, and could not keep from buying a dress in the airport to have something new for conference dinners and that kind of things.  Alone in a hotel room in a foreign city, she realized that the colour challenge this week was pink. Thoughts can go astray in such situations, and she felt that she absolutely had to show her new dress to the world. What can I say?

The dress and shrug from IN WEAR
The toilet paper and mirror courtesy of the Radisson hotel in Vilnius
Camera from Apple
Shape, skin and hair homegrown.

The tyranny did not end here. Now she wanted me to mimic her. But we could not find a dress exactly like the other one. Fortunately, our search brought us together again.
I have to ask myself, though,  if  Real Lifers haven't got better sliders for the buoyancy than that. She tries to convince me that is is all due to the camera angle. Ha ha, is what I say. 

Dress: Orelle dress in nude from Tee'fy 
Shrug: Ruffle Bolero in Ivory  from G field
Hair: Inverted in burnt from Lelutka
Toilet paper etc courtesy of Leyla Firefly's Furniture store Belle Belle

I must admit, I'm quite glad she is home again. I could not really do anything without her. Even my kittycat got so hungry that it  almost died from being abandoned. Life is good, I can relax.

Poses troughout from Olive Juice and from a Modavia group gift from Del May

On the first 4 pictures, I'm wearing:
Skin: Swan. Lily Alian Wept from Ugly Duck
Tunic: Floral tunic from So Many Styles at the culture shock event
Hair: Kimberly in sandlewood from Truth


  1. Absolutely love this cute post ... and congratz to your RL alter ego ... she chose an awesome dress ... thanx for showing ;-)

  2. Love the story, love the crossover to RL and I want to see and read more adventures! Good job :)

  3. Your RL alt has taste (but I think she took all from you...) ;) Very cool post!

  4. Darling post! I love your rl dress, the color and the neckline are yummy. TY for sharing part of your rl with us. There's no place like home is there? =)

  5. LOVE the post, its so cute... seeing your SL mimic your rl like that is brilliant...

  6. Aw loved this post Alexandra! The RL/SL duality which we all have... so true!!