Saturday, April 16, 2011

A perfect aubergine

This week's colour in Luna Jubilee's colour challenge is eggplant.
An aubergine is recognized by its colour but also by its form. 
But how to recreate the form of an aubergine when you are a slim , tallish avatar more suited for recreating an asparagus ?
I started trying on all my poses, and lo and behold - suddenly I looked like an aubergine, plump, darkskinned with a shine, and with a greenish stem-part on top.  The pose that did the job is from Del May  (in a free pack(as far as I remember) at the HELPJAPAN fair) . 
The hair doing its little thing there, does not really do much for the aubergine look, but adds a little something, cute or spooky, I don't know.

I needed the umbrella to create the eggplant's 'hat', and this made me look for somewhere rainy. Some realism was needed, who would like to pose with an umbrella under a sunny sky?

Here I am in a rainy alley somewhere on the grid.
( Editor's note: This was, as far as I remember, the first dress Alexandra bought when she had made her entrance to the magical land of SL a couple of months ago. She was well adviced by her puppeteer who already knew the world well. The skin was also her favourite skin during her first month on the grid. Now, she has become more of an adventuress when it comes to skin, but this one still feels like home).

What I'm wearing:
Dress: Tamai in berry  from Chantkare
Stockings: I made them myself, hurra!
Shoes: Khitten Bowed in eggplant from A-bomb
Skin: Rory in petal from !lmabee
Hair: Malin in  onix from Amacci Hair
Umbrella: Bad Day from Kattastrophe , found at the SL Marketplace

I don't want to leave you today on this very sombre note. So here's one bright background  for one more moment of egg-plantishness.


  1. I love this! Creating the eggplant shape was very clever and I'm sure also challenging. The look is overall very quirky and adorable. ^_^

  2. LOL love the way you recreated the eggplant shape... looks cool and is very cute!

  3. What a cool idea ... and it totally worked ;-)
    I'm not a fan of the eggplant's taste ... but I love the look, the form and the colour ...
    same goes for your outfit ... I won't bite ;-P ... but I love to look at your pics ;-)

  4. OMG! This is sooo creative! Love the eggplant look! Great job!!!

  5. I love the first pic looking down, and the umbrella is awesome. Well done!