Sunday, April 10, 2011


This week in Juna Jubilee's  52 Weeks of Colour Challenge , the colour is asparagus, not an easy task. My asparagus outfit seems more like a snowman. But then again, to me asparagus are of the creamy- white fat type. I don't know if they are mostly a European phenomenon.
The dress has the lightness of early spring and has some likeness to new asparagus with their tender flesh and barely there taste. Sometime the green variety looks wonderful served on the same plate as the creamy ones.
That's as far as I can go in explaining how the look and the asparagus are interconnected.
Today, I visited the charity HelpJapan, where I found many nice things

Long and white

What I'm wearing:
Dress and stockings: Hope dress from Deviant Girls *dg* found at the HELPJAPAN fair
Hair: Nina  (pearl) from TRUTH
Shoes: Leather&CanvasFlatBoots  (cream)  from COCO ( at The Dressing Room's birthday sale, very nice  and dirt cheap for a  great pair of boots from COCO)

As white asparagus are produced by keeping them underground away from the light, I decided to go below ground level, but taking the next photos underwater seemed the better solution, as it is a bit difficult to create pictures in utter underground darkness.

What I'm wearing here:
Eyes from Poetic Colors (massive lead)
Eyelashes Diva from Redgrave
Hair:  Jane (champagne) from Exile
Nails : White and Green Nails  from *Rezipa Loc* found at HELPJAPAN fair
Pose from Bee & Zee

After standing at the bottom of the sea with a asparagus like colour scheme, I felt a bit discouraged, a feeling I was able to express thanks to the  Emoter Hud  from Adorkable Poses.

Even the White Clover  Bracelet  from *S (from the HELPJAPAN fair) could not cheer me up at this point. But above water flying home, the underwater malaise was quickly forgotten.


  1. cute pics ... and I like that 'going under water' idea ;-)

  2. While staging shots under water may not be fun, the end result is lovely. Nicely done.

  3. Looks brilliant, love the whole look!!!

  4. Fabulous pictures! I love the underwater look :)