Saturday, April 9, 2011

Blogging continues

As I have never had any presence in the blogosphere, either in my real life or in my life as an avatar, I had no idea of the surprise, almost shock it was to me that people were actually looking at my pictures.
It is as if it forces one into a higher level of consciousness, obligations seem to install themselves - now I have to post, now I have to make things interesting and beautiful.
I know these are old feelings for most of you great fashion bloggers of SL, but still to me they came as a revelation of sorts.

Here I am in my garden (Costa Rica sims) after coming home from a trip to the pose fair. I'll move away from home once I get a little less embarrased about the whole thing.

I don't like wearing tiny skirts, but found the short Aoharu skirt cute, so combined it with my all times favourite leather pants from the Abyss.

What I'm wearing:
Skin: Alexia, beige. from Pulse
Hair:Bea,  clove, from  >TRUTH<
Shirt and Skirt: DotChiffon and Skirt, brown,  from AOHARU
Pants: Distressed Leather pants  from <The Abyss>
Shoes: Oshun shoes, brown, from Pixelfashion
Ballons and pose: Olive Juice at the Pose fair

While I was standing there, a butterfly settled on my shoulder (thanks to Olive Juice)

Then I decided to go to a concert, put on a new head adornment  and waited for the concert to start.
The Bea Hair from Truth is here in another version without bangs.

What I'm wearing :
Jewellery: Bohemian Flare Necklace from Dark Mouse
Headdress 02 from  WILD

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