Sunday, June 17, 2012

Too mellow unmellow yellow

My yellow for Luna Jubilee's color challenge this week "Unmellow Yellow" is definitely too mellow. What can I say  - I just liked it, quite rightly.
The skirt is Whippet&Buck's first mesh creation. Vitabela's Boudoir had the flowery summer blouse on offer at the 'Summer Fashion Festival'. Not much yellow, but much beauty. I'm just mad about it.
Coming home from one more shopping spree, this time at Collabor8, I had to run the kite from LISP- many poses and textures are included. Born high forever to fly ! The photo is rather desaturated. Somehow I felt that was right.

The wind velocity was suddenly nil, and I had to wait this lull out on my front porch - with touches of yellow.  The good "up-wind" soon returned.

Tired after what felt like hours of kite-running, I admired the the evening sky while pulling in the kite. My cup is filled.

Night is falling, it is warm and there is still some light in the Northern summer night. My neighbor has decided to have glowing grass - I have no knowledge of his reasons, but for this particular photo it does contribute to the eerie atmosphere and make me dream of electric bananas and  then plan my visit to the ZombiePopcorn Carnival, which is bound to be the very next craze.

Later still, I gaze mesmerized at the dark reflections in the waters around my home. And you can still see the sweetly created updo by D!va  from Collabor8.

What I'm wearing:

Skirt: W&B June Skirt in butter  found at Collabor8
Top: Summer Blouse  from Vitabela's Boudoir  at the Summer Fashion Festival
Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Sayaka2" (Black amber)
Shoes: *GF* Strap Shoes "Alex" -patent:yellow(Tstrap)
Kite: LISP - Shindig Kite pose set
Earring: from MG, Shell-Teardrop-Pearl Green
Skin: -Glam Affair- Mia Natural - DiscoC 02
Hammock from Cheeky Pea
The bench on the porch is from LISP .

And thanks to Donovan for some of the words !


  1. Aww Alexandra.. so cute.. playful, relaxing, I love them :)

  2. oooh i WANT the shirt .. yes it is beauty!!!

  3. dream of electric banana hahaha see jeffs post!!!

  4. Yeah, Nicandra, the electric banana is taken directly from Donovan's song. I laughed too when I saw Jeff's post.

  5. I also read somewhere what Donovan thought about when he wrote the song, and jeff seems to think along the same lines.

  6. Adorable, I love the print on your top. Such a fun summer look!

  7. WOW Alex looks like such an awesome day... you really were busy and I have to say I LOVE these pictures!!! They scream summer!!!

  8. Such a cute outfit! And lovely pictures :)

  9. Fantastic pics. It looks like you had your hands full with the kite flying!