Monday, February 27, 2012

Tour in T

She wants to walk away from town and travel the lonesome highways. But still, before setting out she has a moment of doubt. Why embark on something hazardous and lonely, even if it serves the purpose of showing herself dressed to the T, all for an alphabet challenge in the SL blogosphere.

Well the decision is taken.
She's walking away to see another place, almost disappearing behind her colossal backpack.
But after some time.........

she's back in town, still dressed to the T. This woman is a city dweller, and so be it. The other thing was just a romantic dream. Brick, mortar and cement - that's where she belongs.

What she is wearing: (no slurls to day, sorry)

Top: from Peqe - With Love Hunt, Tartan Sweater (optional)(shirt)
Pants:  from The Abyss<A> F_Distressed_Leather_Pants
Nails from -tb- Nail Colour (Eggplant)
BAG. from (TokiD) bunny bag (seasons hunt)
Sunglasses from  ::TFG:: , in Gold 
Boots from The Abyss, <A> F_SlowRider 
Hair in T had to be from >TRUTH< Tasmine  - cranberry
Backback from TOSL *Winter Wayfarer* Backpack 
Skin from .::Mother Goose's::. Trudy-II_LB
Eyes from []::Tuli::[] gem eyes :: topaz

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