Friday, February 10, 2012

Quest for Quality - in the alphabet challenge

One of the more difficult letters in the alphabet.  For instance, there is only one, one! colour starting with Q in the list of colours in Wikipedia. And not a very interesting colour at that - quartz - but ok as a background here.
My inventory did not help me. But a search with the word Quality brought me to a shop I would never have found if it were not for this challenge.  Quality Designs show Medieval styles, with costumes I imagine might be popular among role players.  A new skin from Quarantine and Quirky hair from Elkatira - and the Q was complete.

What I'm wearing:

Dress:  *Jemma "leather and fur" from Quality Designs
Hair: [e] Quirky - Red 05
Skin: - Quarantine - Alice Skin, Pale Blush Freckles Skin
Eyes: poetic colour eyes by LL - quicksilver 

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