Sunday, February 19, 2012

More dark than Raspberry

This week I seemed to get only half of the colour right for Luna Jubilee's Colour challenge. Dark yes - but raspberry - not so much !
I  just got this dress into my head: "this is the one". When I then saw the first photos , I decided that I'd have to introduce the raspberry in other ways.
I tp'ed to one of the LEA SIMS (linden endowment for the arts), where one of my favourite artists has created a whole landscape of childhood fantasy. Rag Randt's work is always full of humour.
Upon Arrival , I found myself in a sea of raspberry virtual icecones.  I walked up to the cabin, and

found a person with raspberry-like hair , deeply asleep it seemed.  I had to explore some more.

What is this ?  A circus tent in raspberry colours, how fortunate !

I met the sleeping person again, now fully awake, and tried to persuade her/him to let me ride the white rhinoceros. But my powers of persuasion were not good enough. That seems to be one of the things most difficult to achieve in a foreign language. Anyway, I would not know what language to use with this raspberry-haired figment of Rag Randt's imagination.

Here I am in a forests of ice cream. Even ice cream can become scary when there is enough of it. And the floating ice cream queen seemed like something out of a nightmare to me. No matter how fun  the experience had been, I decided I had better return to my skybox where I might show my dress from Beetlebones and earrings in a proper way without being dwarfed by ice-cream queens and raspberry-haired persons.

What I'm wearing:

Dress; ::BB:: Shushu Frill Mesh Party Dress wine
Rings::LEO-NT:: CINDERELLA RING  and from Dark     Mouse: My Lady Love Ring
Earrings : Bliensen + MaiTai - Millenium Hunt - First Flower - 
Shoes: lassitude & ennui Nostalgia pumps 
Hair: [e] Abbey - Brown 10 (Elikatira)
Bracelet:  {*Aglaia*} VC - Vicky Bracelet - the shop might not exist any more
Skin: *LpD* Skins - *Maya* Lilac Petal Freckles

poses from Del May and Olive Juice


  1. loved the story.. and sure will have a look overthere too..and that dress is so cute on you..bye bye Nic

  2. You look really cute in that dress! And such a lovely skin. Love your look:)

  3. Those pics are just adorable. Nice blog :)