Sunday, January 22, 2012

Iron, please inspire me !

I found it difficult to be inspired this week. Even for Luna Jubilee's colour challenge ! These moods come and go. To compensate for the lack of inspiration, I made two outfits that have at least some hints of iron in them.

Top from Bliss couture , a grey skin  from Glam Affair (an old hunt gift) and a great necklace from Dark Mouse (one of the very first review copies I ever got (just had to brag one more time about it).
The eyes are special, as they are my first mesh eyes, very clear and distinct, and very easy to resize.

Here I am,  having found an iron coloured spot while shopping for poses at  Del May's, that incredible pose maker, who can make every pose express a state of mind.

I needed to head into the wild  after one more shopping spree, and here I am just before setting out into the great outdoors,  still surrounded by the signs of civilization, warmly clad by 'Beautiful Dirty Rich'

But now I'll go on and get lost  in the snow for at last two weeks, as my puppetmaster is heading away herself, albeit in a very different direction.
I'm sure though that her travels will make her come home with some extra patina.

What I'm wearing:
Both outfits
Skin: -Glam Affair - Layla Grey A
Hair:  Magika - Kitten (B&W: Grey)

1. outfit

Pants:Fibi, bell bottom , grey  from Bliss Couture
Top: Aspasia Feather Top from Bliss Couture
Necklace : Dark Mouse My Lady Love
Eyes: Mayfly- Deep Sky Mesh Eyes, in Stormy Blue
Pose: Del May (shiver pose)
Location: Del May's store

2. outfit

Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... Baby It's Cold Outside Blush
Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... B.I.C.O Boots 
Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... Baby It's Cold Outside Jacket 
Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... Baby It's Cold Outside Earmuff

Tee shirt: [W&B] Cole Boatneck Top iron grey
Jeans: Zaara : Classic -  jeans *black*
Eyes: Poetic Colors eyes by LL - grey sea
Pose: Geez (lean poses from a platinum hunt)

         Olive Juice
Location : The resort at Bear Paw


  1. ah wow you will come back with some extra patina!!!!!.. that sounds very well )))))
    although you said you hadn't much inspiration, i think your first picture has hits iron so good!!! beautiful..
    may your trip brings you back with lots of inspiration.

  2. Absolutely stunning; I really love the first picture.

  3. I'd say you were very inspired! I like both the settings and love the first shot of the post! Have a good trip!

  4. Not off to Tahiti, is she? :P Great looks - the monochrome of the 1st 2 pics is very dramatic! Hurry back:)

  5. I love love love the look in the second looks so warm and comfy cozy and I can see the wistfulness in your poses

  6. That top from Bliss is to die for! We all have less-inspired weeks, but you did a beautiful job for iron!

  7. That first photo is awesome - love the skin that you used too :)

  8. The Glam Affair skin is a gorgeous touch to both outfits. Beautiful :-)