Saturday, January 14, 2012

An electric indigo adventure

After finding the shrug and the shoes, the difficulty was finding the right location, I took a look at the Koinup blog where they have tons of pictures of places to explore in virtual worlds,   and lo and behold I found this totally electric place, the Kuri Kuri World. The creator, Mikati Slade, calls it a popart world. It has several levels and electrifying corridors.
The artist tells us that there is some deeper meaning to the work , something about the cyclical nature of human history and civilization. I personally was just on my egocentric quest for the right colour .

Let's have a look at the cute top, filled with goodies in the hood, goodies in the form of cute little animals. I found it at a store called LiNe. They have lots of things in a somewhat electric indigo hue.

Ready to enter another level of electric light

My shoes were found at the marketplace, they cost 25 L and came  in a pack of many pairs ranging  from indigo to plum colour and beyond. They are not exactly interesting from other aspects than the colour, but then again what can you expect when you get, I don't know how many pairs of shoes for 25 L.

Just before I got swallowed up by the electric Indigo

Outside of the Kuri Kuri world proper, I saw that I really was on a SIM with monumental buildings from the Roman era.
That's how you never get bored in ever surprising Second Life. 

What I'm wearing: (Slurls only to places I haven't linked to before)

Dress: The Secret Store - Frozen Lily - 
Shoes: ~Simplestuff~ Monochrome Violet Pumps  from the SL Market Place
Hooded shrug: :::LiNe::: FunToys Shirt /Purple
Nails: * RezIpsa Loc * ~ White & Purple Nails (tattoo layer)
Handbag: "LoQ" New York C. Purple - Hand (R)
Hair: >TRUTH< Juliette - sandlewood
Skin: :GP: Petal Frex [Dark] May-Lilac 2
Eyes from LL Poetic Colors, moon - lavender (l) dark

poses from Marukin (collabor88)


  1. aw Alex what a fun Indigo exploration story! You look cute too!

  2. Love it, and are you giving us a preview of all the other electric color we have to look forward to?

  3. OMG I love that sweater and your lil friends are so cute.

  4. Wow! Those shots inside Kuri Kuri are, well, electrifying! Really brilliant. And such a cute shrug, too:)

  5. I agree with you dwelling around in second life you will never get bored. Nice trip you made..thanks for showing it ..bye bye Nic

  6. oh my!...I am in total love with that sweater!!

  7. The sweater is adorable, for sure :-)

  8. I want that shrug for real.

    And another fun sim to go explore thanks!