Sunday, January 8, 2012

Creators are generous

I suddenly felt myself growing as a blogger:  I received a couple of  blogger's packs from two creators. As far as I know, these were my first packs ever.
I had to dress and get out to celebrate the kindness of the creators of  Dark Mouse and Somnia.

The blogpacks I got were sent out on the occasion of a small special event Etheria2 at the Painted Ladies' House or bordello to tell you the truth. The event is closing today, I'm not the perfect receiver of blogpacks, I have to admit. 
So that is where you find me, sporting a dress I would not necessarily have thought of under other circumstances, but good to get outside of one's habitual circles and so well crafted by Sanura Snowpaw.
The idea behind the special event is to pair clothing and jewellery makers. As I got packs from two people who had not worked together to create harmony, I had to sacrifice a ruffle on the top fof the dress for the two to survive the combination. Read about the idea here

I was so proud I had to jump for joy !

But I have to show you the detail in Mouse Mimistrobell's necklace. I have admired her work for a long time, and suppose that her brand may be the one that has been mentioned most times in my little blog.

What I'm wearing:
Dress: .: Somnia :. Christine Etheria Dress )blue)
Jewellery: Dark Mouse My Lady Love Bracelet 
                   Dark Mouse My Lady Love Necklace (Chest)
Hair: >TRUTH< Marielle - pecan
[gi inc] Auto Focus v1.0
Skin: <> Chain and Vine LAEL Stargazer T2 Skin 2 DB Natural Cleavage
Eyes: from Poetic colors,  Moon - in lavender (l) dark


  1. I forgot the posemakers again:
    *Ota*kara made me jump
    Ploom made ma a little shy and flirty

  2. Awe you look so cute even without the top ruffle!