Sunday, January 1, 2012

Champagne in name - if not in spirit

 Happy New Year to all SL 'ers , fashionistas and non-fashionistas alike !

I have been away from SL for almost a month, travelling places and celebrating real life in all its splendour. Luna Jubilee called me back to our world with her new 52 weeks colour challenge.
The colour for this first week is champagne.
I love, love Maitreya's Mesh dress - the name of the colour is champagne , but I'd have to admit that there is not much resemblance to the bubbly nectar I got last night. In the future, I'll stick to Luna's colour samples, I promise.

During my prolonged hiatus, I got to watch all seasons of the series "Mad Men", and this particular dress made me feel so much like one of the wonderful secretaries in that 60's universe.  I'm sure, though,  she would never have let herself bee seen with her hair like this, but isn't it gorgeous.

What I'm wearing:

Dress: Maitreya Nolita Dress * Champagne 
Shoes: Maitreya Gold * Allegre , brown
Hair: *Alice Project* Helalyn - Natural Red (mesh)
Jewellery: Dark Mouse - Cursed Pearls Necklace 
                   Dark Mouse Animal Print Bracelet 
Skin: *LpD* - *Kate* Candy (No Teeth) Darker Tan


  1. That looks so beautiful on you! Happy New Year!

  2. You look wonderful in that dress--and so glad you had a good break. Welcome back!

  3. Love that dress too! I got it in black... but I may go back for more...
    Happy New Year!!

  4. That's a beautiful dress and it looks amazing on you!

  5. People need to stop tempting me with those Maitreya-dresses! I've been good so far and not ported over to demo, dammit. That said, here's to another year of awesome colour fun!

  6. Hi Alexandra .. welcome back.. where have you been in rl?
    Love that dress too. very feminine.. bye bye Nic

  7. Very pretty!! I'm so in love with mesh... Haven't checked out Maitreya yet... Definitely need to.