Saturday, November 5, 2011

Colour Challenge in final Mosaic

We end the 52  week colour challenge with a mosaic of our 15 personal favourites.
When the challenge started, I had never used photoshop. Now, I use it with some confidence.
I never really understood the fuss about composition and all that, being a woman of the written word, but I'm getting it - and hopefully getting there.

It has been a year of constant development and new horizons. Imagine what a challenge can do !
I still need a better graphic's card and a stronger operating system, shadows are still beyond my reach.
But  the challenge returns next year and improvements are sure to happen.

The colours from top left  are:  orange, wenge, melon, liver, lemon, patriarch, celadon, mahogany, electric blue, jade, ruby, neon orange, denim, periwinkle, aubergine


  1. The kitten in the booties still slays me with the cute.

  2. It's been a pleasure following your stories and the continuous development in using pictures to continue them. I often believe that the intent and attempt to get a mood, a message through with a picture teaches us more about composition than any book could. You just have to angle about to find the right spot. Here's for the next year!

  3. Great collection! Beautiful shots. Your orange and electric blue are my favorites of your favorites.

  4. i see now that i missed some of your posts but i scrolled back through your blog... i loved the stories you tell with them.. Bye bye Nic

  5. beautiful collection ... with patriarch and periwinkle to be my fav ;-) ...
    I always see so much interesting stuff in your posts ... already look forward to see more of you in round 2 :-) ... *hugs*

  6. What a beautiful collage :) My faves are the orange and patriarch.