Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A quiet place - blog challenge by Gogo of Juicy Bomb

I saw Gogo's challenge on her blog Juicy Bomb:

"Take a picture of your favorite quiet place in SL and blog or post it to the Blog Challenge group on Flickr. This can be a place that you visit to clear your mind, to relax, talk with a friend, or be alone and enjoy the scenery."
At first, I thought of visiting one of the very, very, very many beautiful and gorgeous quiet natural scenes or small villages. 
But then , it came to me that the place I truly relax, let go of stress and just enjoy doing nothing at all, is POP ART LAB. I  place myself in one of the beanbags and listen to new music - every week new albums, and all the time the best albums of the moment. You can move between platforms. There are platforms for pop, rock, indie, electronica. Claus Uriza has access to so much great music and shares it generously with the world. Often, you are alone on your platform, the music is quiet and your thoughts just roam.
It does not exactly look like a place to rest with the colour scheme somewhat garish .... the opposite of nature and quaint villages, but peace sometimes come in surprising places.

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