Saturday, October 1, 2011

Moss on a Rolling Stone.

Almost camouflaged in moss

I was tp'ing frantically around to find somewhere nice to take the pics for this week's post in Luna Jubilee's  colour challenge. We are at week 48 of 52 ! This week's colour is moss green, and I felt as if I were a negation of the idea that a rolling stone gathers no moss.
I was covered in moss from top to toe, and could not find a place to rest.
I found an exuberance of hanging moss at this place called the elephant walk, but there was not much more for me to do after some minutes there.

I tp'ed home and relaxed for a moment with a new-born mossy-eyed kitten - while planning where to go next.
The night was falling and the next thing I knew, I found myself sitting at the dock of the bay.

And then, what better way to end an  night of restless searching than to go to a concert with one of the sweetest indie bands in SL, Engrama, playing real live music with that indie sound, so sweet and frail.
Swaying to their music, I finally could rejoice in not having to gather moss - as it is so easy to find in the shops in SL anyway - and being able to forever roam.

What I'm wearing: (sorry I haven't got the time to put in the slurls).

Jacket: The Secret Store: Eglantine - Spring Moss - 
Top : part of dress  from The Secret Store - Frozen Lily - 
Zaara : Classic jeans *moss* 
Ring: *ByKay* ~ Rosa Ring ~ *Cream Rose* (Antique Edition)
Belt: *Fishy Strawberry*  Nabock Waist Belt  - tinted by me
Shoes:  *GF* Flat Shoes "Little Diva" -moss- (
Necklace: Dark Mouse Flights of Fancy Necklace (Copper) (Chest)
Hair: [LeLutka]-MOSS hair - BlondeFun
Skin: from the Platinum hunt -  Filthy Skin
Eyes: from Poetic Colors : - old moss 


  1. I love that jacket, I have it too and I so rarely wear it. It looks amazing on you. And your kitty is adorable!

  2. Love your story Alexandra..i want that jacket ))) love it..greetings Nic

  3. Hah! I have pretty much the same tummy tickling going on with my meeroo as you do with the kitty! ...granted, my Miss Moss looks a tad scarier than your elegance. *grins* I like the picture with you and the birdy on the pier the most, it's very calm and serene.

  4. lovely pictures ;-) ... and you reminded me of my first years in SL, when I used to go to a lot of live concerts ... I really should do that again ;-)

  5. Wow that first picture has got some SERIOUS moss going on! Miss Moss looks great in all her incarnations!

  6. So cute! I love that first pic of the botanical gardeny area! Lots of moss green there!