Saturday, September 24, 2011

Back in Khaki

I have been away for some weeks, and did not have the time to do a couple of the colours in Luna Jubilee's 52 weeks' challenge. I'm not going to be among the incredible bloggers who do all 52.

Finally, a Saturday to spend in doing whatever I want. So what better than to take a walk in the forest, dressed in Khaki on my Northern safari. May be not exactly the way you would be dressed  for the situation, but as  simply watching  the deer is my kind of hunt, I think this city-like version of khaki is acceptable.
My Real Life counterpart went to the forest last weekend to participate in a team-building activity, that's what they called it. She ended up like this - pretending that the way she looked was only due to the cut of the (somewhat)khaki outfit. Ha ha.  She apologizes for being too shy to show her face .

After a while in the woods, the autumn chill chased me inside. I went to  the UWA's (university of Western Australia's) 3D Art September show,  curated by FreeWeeLing.

Imagine my surprise when I tp'ed into the large gallery and found myself standing on utter khaki!!
There, You can vote for your favourite Septemder 3D installation/sculpture -  even some in mesh.

The first installation  I had to explore was a gigantic Avatar Blender. We can experiment with patterns of movement and speed while being twirled around. This experience called for a video:

Amused and confused , I staggered along, thanking the powers that be that I survived this violent tour in the machine created by Pixels Sideways.

Somewhat more peacefully, another installation, this one by paleillusion, promised  a tp to heaven.

At this point, I had had enough of high flying adventures though, so I simply walked around for a long time to take in all the great pieces. But everything has an end: I tp'd - not to heaven but to my skybox to take one last shot of myself in this khaki outfit

What I'm wearing:

Outfit : [SG*] 2nd Moon - Khaki  (Sweetest Goodbye has closed down for the time being)
Jeans: Zaara : Classic jeans *moss*
Shoes: [PM] Pixel Mode - Fae Wedges
Hair: **Dura-Game**02(Chocolate)
Bangles: ::C'est la vie !:: bangle (orange)LADY'S L
Earrings: Zaara : Anjami Chandelier earrings *gold*
Skin: [ROCKBERRY] Apple Platinum Hunt Deux/Natural
Eyes:  by Poetic Colors - bright - massive lead

Location : Misty Mountains


  1. the blender ride looks like fun ;-) ... and your outfit is really cool ... interesting mix ;-)

  2. I love it, the jacket/skirt combination TOTALLY works!

  3. That is a killer jacket, I love this look on you!

  4. Alex, you rocked khaki this week! Love your attire you put together, and the pic of your rl counterpart I LOVE. That is so cool, tell her for me, GREAT JOB! =) xo

  5. Alexandra that outfit!!!! gorgeous..i love it! what a pity that the shop is closed. i know the was always very good..Love your last picture so much ... thanks for your nice words. greeings Nic

  6. Omg team buildings from hell! LOL
    Love your outfit and the whole set.. Last shot was well worth it!

  7. So typical, if you would have taken the TP to heaven you would have seen the art and not only the teleporter @^@