Friday, August 5, 2011

Arty Apricot

This is my contribution to Luna Jubilee's colour challenge.  The colour this week is apricot, which to me is dried fruit or a deep hued marmalade. I seldom eat a fresh apricot, so do not associate to the pale pinkish hue under that velvety skin.
Last week I visited a gallery with classical paintings. So this week I wanted something very different. I explored the  SL-art scene.  The art is created in-world,  3D is the order of the day,  new frontiers are passed, there is a lot of interaction and lots of things to think about

Amazed in front of the work by one of my favourite SL artists, Sledge Roffo, who is steeped in the tradition of modernism, and fantastic at working the prims.
I appreciate that he had included something of a proper hue.

Almost getting lost in Ginger Alsop's abstract flower or mushroom field, to then be found again in an explosion of apricociousness

Wow, I feel delirious in Ginger Alsop's work 'Starforged'.
There is much to be seen and experienced at the University of Western Australia's exceptionally great show for the latest 3D open art challenge.  JayJay Zifanwe is the clever curator of all the great things happening at the gallery.
I spent a couple of hours there, that's the magnitude of it.

                         I'm walking away to find another place  - for new adventures

What I'm wearing:
Dress: Mrinali dress in sunshine from Zaara
Hair: Lida roots in Nectar from Exile
Fan and  Pose: Lailani fan from Lagoya and poses from IMPoses. LG-concept

Location: UWA

There seems to be something rather Apricot about Bruce Springsteen here. But that is not really my reason for having him. I just felt we needed a guest star from the universe of the male.



  1. Beautiful dress, great shots. You rock this tone.

  2. Love the photos and how you let your hair be the apricot centerpiece!

  3. Alexandra, I love your creative display of apricot. What you wanna bet we see more of Zaara's gorgeous designs for this color challenge? LOL.

  4. Great Alexandra! I often go to art expos and I love what you did with this post! And you look adorable :P

  5. I am completely projecting now and imagining that your expression in the first picture is all about 'are we finally DONE with these pastel oranges?' *grins* The fan steals the show otherwise, I like the last picture the best, the pose and composition work very well together.

  6. oh. thanks Alex. well, I do run the 3d art challenge, but the clever curator is actually FreeWee Ling :)

    anyway, do come and visit again when you can, as the 3d art challenges change month to month

    results from July

  7. Oh Jayjay, I must make another post from the UWA on the true clever curator, without forgetting the clever 'runner' though :-)

    And always remember to check my facts before speaking!

  8. Ha ha Astalianda or Sonya, I think your projection clarifies a lot even to me. I liked the last one too, was not very satisfied with the rest this week. But inspiration does not always come when wanted!