Saturday, July 30, 2011

Encounters with the past in melon

Two times Alexandra in melon must be twice as good as one.
My melon contribution to Luna Jubilee's 52 week colour challenge.
The patriarch colour last week inspired a story about the beginning of my almost vanished avatar-sister's life in SL.  I myself was diligently taken through the steps imto this life by my now experienced puppetmaster, but my poor older sister had to suffer from the true newbie-mistakes. She stood naked in the middle of streets, trespassed into people's homes getting verbally kicked out.
May be you all remember moments like that.
But back then, my Puppetmaster  understood nothing at all about the digital world. She believed that  the avatar would live on even when she herself logged off. So a problem for her at the early homeless stage was where to "park" my avatar-sister at night.
Here is the first solution :

She let her sit in the lecture hall at the Dresden Museum. She thought it was a public place and would not expose her poor abandoned avatar to violent attacks or accusations of entering private property. It was also the kind of place that my puppetmaster would like and trust in Real Life. It was safe ground.
Can you find me there? All you hunters, used to scanning rooms and taking the gift at one fell swoop, will easily see me wearing nice blond hair from !lamb, sitting in that sea of melon-coloured chairs a little to the left in the middle. Discreet, wouldn't you say?

I , yesterday, explored the Dresden museum to reconstruct the story of my avatar predecessor , but when I entered the lecture hall and saw all that melon colour, we both almost fell off our RL and SL chairs from laughing at how well this room went with the theme.

I started wandering the endless corridors and rooms of this too beautiful museum where you see masterpieces from the RL museum in Dresden, mostly Italian, French and Flemish art from the 15th to 18th centuries. Some would say the high point in European art. Here, I stand transfixed in respect of the old masters - and the beauty of the cleavage too ( Female Musician with a Viola da Gamba by Bernardo Strozzi).

There was so much to see that I could not take it all in the first day, but I returned to day, differently dressed, to explore some more.

A Flower painting (Memento Mori ! by  Jan Davisz de Heem) to match the colour and beauty of the dress from Donna Flora.

A Flemish renaissance lady with a collar to match mine. I had better study this catalogue  to get some information on the painter, (it might also distract your attention from the fact that I did not put on my system skirt shape, well there I said it). I found the info: The Portrait of a Lady by the great Anton van Dyck.

What a portrait!  (The Hermit by Salomon Koninck)

One last glimpse of the museum in its late night somewhat meloney splendour:

What I'm wearing:

First day's outfit:
skin: May, petal blackbird from Curio
hair: Our Deal in Blur Root from !lamb
top: Spritzy Top  a season hunt item from BRB
Gown: Floral Gown in brown from C'est la vie
necklace: Suha Stones in Peony  from Indy&Co

Second day's outfit
skin: Lael Stargazer  from Chain and Vine
hair: Fine in brown from [kik] hair
dress: Milena Dress in orange tan from Donna Flora
bangles in orange from C'est la vie

Location:  Dresden Gallery


  1. Such a gorgeous tale... and I LOVE the two outfits, that giant bow is AWESOME!!!

  2. The melon chairs made me laugh, too. Now that's lucky! I also need to visit the museum now, I love that kind of places in SL. And as much as we can now laugh at the thought of an avatar living on when we log out, I think there's something fascinating in it, the good-old-fashioned roleplayer's suspension of belief... it's an intriguing thought, really. Like your toys playing when you turn your back.

  3. That was one of my favorite places when I first got here too. You look fantastic, btw.

  4. Oh wow I've never been there! And I so loved your story :) Donna Flora is one of my favorites!

  5. Wonderful, we got a fashion show and a museum visit at the same time! Love your stories!

  6. Thanks for all your wonderful and encouraging comments !

  7. That story of you is so good!!!.. i was in Dresden this year and visited the part of the museum with the flemish painters.... so nice to see it here in sl... you know also the Louvre in sl...worthwhile..when it is still there... greetings Nicandra