Saturday, June 4, 2011

Denim for Luna

Denim (the theme in Luna Jubilee's  52 weeks colour challenge this week)  is in my mind connected to the idea of Levi's jeans,  "made for the the working people of the western United States, such as cowboys, lumberjacks, and railroad workers" (quoted from Wikipedia). 
When I  as a European imagine  the gold rush, the expansion on the Western frontier, the lonesome trail of the cowboy etc, it  was all played out in denim jeans - I know it is not so, but no matter. 
Then all this got blurred, American history whirled through my brain mixing  the Alamo, David Crockett and what not in a big hodgepodge, into which I dredged to find the elements for my denim post .

The denim dress from Vitabela definitely shows some denim! 

I first went to a Western town, that looks like I imagine them.
All the dust and whirling balls with a name I don't recall  made me thirsty, so when I spotted a saloon,  I entered to get a shot of bourbon.

It felt kind of lonely in there with not one single poker-player in sight , so I decided to delve into history and pay a visit to the Alamo.  It turned out to be a great build with a lot of interesting information and many interesting objects. Like the one  I felt compelled to study up close here.  This Bowie knife belonged to a Colonel Bowie, known as a hero to the Americans.  He  killed a lot of enemies with the knife, but still was killed himself at the battle of the Alamo

It was a bit colder inside the museum, so I found a suitable denim jacket to protect me from the sudden chill.
Ouside again, I enjoyed walking along the golden sandstone (or is it adobe) walls  (I'm coming back to another adobe a little later). The semi-cool walkways made me partly take off the jacket.

When I got home, it was so hot, that I had to take off that very voluminous dress and just cool off on my balcony,  modestly covering myself with the denim jacket  from Sweetest Goodbye.

As you can see, a new effect of this blogging endeavour is that my RL-me now has  an "Adobe Photoshop Elements" at her disposal, by which I mean, she bought it.  Horrible how ambitions grow quickly. I'm sure there will be some over the top editing in the weeks to come, till she has learnt to master this and make it her servant.  I personally am powerless, I just hope, she will not make me look too foolish. 
We noticed that I had not posed in a proper way to show you the dress from the front.  Here it is. I'm posing in a Photo Studio that functions very smoothly (lots of poses,  backgrounds and more included) one more thing she bought, which tells me she is going crazy in her search for fame and no fortune.

And finally, I want to show you how versatile this dress can be.  I went out shopping and hunting  this morning, and after detaching  the layers and layers of denim, I  had this nice little denim everyday dress.
Here I am in contemplation while shopping at the Tableau Vivant store.

What I'm wearing:
Dress: Vitabela
Jacket: Highway Star in denim from Sweetest Goodbye
Shoes: Delphine pumps in candy from Shiny Things
Hair: Lush in blondfun from Lelutka
Skin:  Elisa skin , special gift from LpD 
Necklaces: the one in last picture from Kungler (blogged  before) .  The other one from Dark Mouse, just now available at the disco deals.

Pose, chair and location in last picture : Tableau Vivant
Photo Studio from Tricolore


  1. Love all those pics! Amazing job with denim. Never too many pics!

  2. LOVE the pics, there are never too many and that dress is awesome with all the different denims in the skirt!!

  3. Wonderful idea, gorgeous dress and I really love all the thought you put into this! My favorite picture is the first, the composition with the town and the vultures is perfect, you look like you're hesitating to enter the town. And boy does that dress look stunning from behind <3

  4. Gorgeous, I love your storyline!