Friday, May 27, 2011

Interpretations of Ruby

Two ideas for the Ruby challenge this week in Luna Jubilee's 52 week colour challenge  presented themselves to me.  Couldn't decide, so I put together the two looks and situations. Here goes.

A portrait of the career woman in Alexandra

This version of me is the one who gets up in the morning and puts on the business outfit. This lady is not afraid of showing her female side while making her way in the corporate world.  She has a moment of quiet reflections on her private beach before setting out.

Flying to work, she hovers before taking the plunge .

Ready for the battles of the day, waiting for the elevator to take her to the twentysecond floor. 

During a short break in between meetings, she hesitates by a window feeling suddenly caged , and her thoughts  drift into the strange grey haze while  clouds are gathering 

She remembers  moments in her younger days when she explored the world, walking the countryroads, carrying all her belongings in a backpack, books of poetry,  a toothbrush and a bag of crackers.

In neighborhoods where goods were  recommended as fit for the poor , she would dream of a glorious future for herself. A free life of courage and creation

She now remembers herself walking through the night with only the moon to guide her future-bound travels.

What are the two rather fictional versions of Alexandra wearing:

The corporate woman
Skin: Layla in grey from Glam 
Make-up: Glossy Ultrared  eyeshadow, Lipstick fire from *LpD*
Hair: Malin in White from Amacci
Dress: Pinstripe Princess from *Icing*
Ear-rings: Lacie earring in Ruby from FuLo
Shoes: Sophia pumps lacedheels in black from R.icielli. from the shoe fair

The free-wheeling girl
Skin: May - petal -pure from Curio
Hair: Inverted hair in WalnutWhip from Lelutka
Top: Zayba cross flowers in ruby from Zaara
Bag: black backpack freebie from Korea University
Pants: distressed leather pants from The Abyss
Necklace: asymetrique  from je suis
Bangle: Fozzilized Bracelet  in copper from Dark Mouse

Fisherman's Wharf
Mikrokosmos, Hake


  1. Awesome pics, Alex! Personal fav is the last one! Great job!

  2. I almost wore that Zaara shirt!!

    Great minds think alike <3

  3. Great story! Really loved the flow and the looks tie it all together very nicely.

  4. Amazing photos--that shirt is one of my favorites :-)

  5. Beautiful! Specially love the Zaara top! I don't own it in Ruby but now I am tempted to go back and grab this color! <3