Sunday, October 21, 2012

Catching up in Royalblue on Wings of Ghostly White

Never got around to doing the Royal blue post for Luna Jubilee's blog challenge. I was trying to put something together for that, starting with a blue dress, when suddenly it was time for the Ghostly White post. So I combined the two on a background of autumnal colors, dancing in the sky, flapping my  wings and letting the hair loose in the dramatic wind. If this is an angel, I think it is an angel of doom.

On my way down to the ground, in brighter, but less dramatic windlights
In the end, I would have been a fallen angel,  had the bar not caught me:
The person sponsoring my life around here, has to fly south today and therefore hasn't got the time for the slurls

What I'm wearing:
dress: Leverocci - Silk Embroidered Dress, navy
shoes: [monso] My Fabric Oxford
hair: *Alice Project* Willow  - Infinity, from the cinema event
Wings: Miamai_Icarus White Wing


  1. lovely pictures and i loved your explanation. You fly south like the birds? :) hope you have a better flight then this angel