Sunday, July 1, 2012

Standing for Love in Cadmium Red

It may not be morally correct  to combine my Cadmium Red for Luna Jubilee's color challenge with the standing for love in all its forms and guises. But the color was right and the standing is honest enough. You can learn how to participate here
It's a bit strange to declare oneself as being this or that. I know ( not Alexandra but the puppet master) that my best friend, who is a gay man writing and researching in gender studies, find it old fashioned to declare oneself in such a way. He sees sexual identity as fluid, may be socially constructed, and he laughs out loud when critics of his work say that his aim is to prove that some writer  or other was a gay man or a lesbian woman.

May be it  shouldn't matter one way or the other. We can just love and feel sexually attracted to whomever we want. May be we are all queer in our own various ways.
But if you go to the Second Pride Festival in a London Sim, you'll see that it does still matter. Wolfgang Glinka shows us his long poem about the plight of the gay man through history.

The last part of Wolfgang Glinka's poem, as seen at the Pride Festival

He sent a notecard around saying that his stall had been griefed and vandalized. I don't know the history behind this, but  there are definitely still people being harassed because of their sexuality in many  places, even in the streets of my very liberal home town. So there is a fight to be fought.

Here, I  (now Alexandra) is reflecting upon the matter in the new great skin from Gauze, a somewhat neutrally conceived creation (hence a little bit queer), but adorned into femininity by make up.
I want to explore the whole matter by traveling the world . Just before leaving home:

There's always a short moment of hesitation before setting out: Will it be ok? Have I remembered everything?  What about those I leave behind? Will I have the time for the Luna color challenge next week?

But then :

Contemplating the New York Skyline .  Here I come: ready to explore the queerness of this extreme city. Or may be not ?

What I'm wearing:

Dress: from Diram, Carly dress in Red
Make up:
    : HS : Cherry Glossy Lips
     !Leafy - Gold(Blush)
     Maitreya V.I.P. Group Gift - Mesh EyeLashes
-tb- Nail Colour (Red)
Hair  ::Exile:: Kiss Me:Sear
Shoes: Baiastice_Ute Mesh Pumps-vermilion (from the fantasy fair)
     erratic / tear-drop earrings recolorable 
     LaGyo_Bonbon ring gold L
     Maitreya Dragonfly Anklet L
Skin:  [Gauze] Nude - Ivory  
Eyes: Poetic Colors. by LL - bright - massive lead 

Poses from Long Awkward Pose
My New York Sky box is from Trompe l'Oeil, found at a Collabor8 event


  1. Awesome campaign to join, you look fab and the red really suits you!!!

  2. Stunning, I love your dress and these photos are really lovely.

  3. you did a very good statement in your post!!! super.. and the pictures are that one with the suitcases

  4. Very nice post Alexanra; the cause is important, but you built into it a story, a day i your life, very well done.

  5. Excellent cause and great pics and styling Alexandra :)