Sunday, July 15, 2012

Partying, or not, in Persian Rose

For the first time, I hosted a party in SL. I put on my Persian Rose outfit for Luna Jubilee's color challenge, and thought there would be photo opportunities aplenty during the party.
Here I am , thinking everything through - will the music stream work,  will people actually come , will I have to party all alone? The best place for thoughts like these is relaxing on top of the cutest thing, this  bunny from Culprit Furniture, picked up at the One Voice event  (helping Gala Phoenix in her difficult times). When you jump on him, he'll flap his ears. 

Trying out the dance props. "What Next" made this festival radio that makes you dance and headbang and much more
But then my guests arrived. We danced , had much fun and I forgot everything about taking snapshots !

After the party, I felt happy and content, but had to lie down by the fire on my porch and hold my head for a while, getting back to a normal state of affairs after all the dizziness.

After totally recovering, had to text about the successful party and showing you the nice persian rose shoes at the same time.
Just before falling asleep, a final close up. Nice earrings, but some photo-blurriness around the fingers. I couldn't handle more photo editing today. That's the effect of partying, sometimes.
Thanks to all the people in  the Thistle region.

What I'm wearing: (sorry too lazy for slurps today)

Dress: >>Alexohol: Overflow Dress-Summer PurplePink<<
Make up etc:  -tb- Nail Colour (Pale Pink)
                      : HS : Mink Lips
                      Maitreya V.I.P. Group Gift - Mesh EyeLashes
Hair:  *Dura**Game1(Chocolate)
Ring:  LaGyo_Bonbon ring gold L
Shoes: RM* Charm Pumps Pink
RM* Charm Pumps Pink (Right)
[Atomic] Endearing Earings *MESH* - Platinum
Skin:  [Gauze] Nude - Ivory

Couch (and i-phone) from The Loft
Radio  from What next


  1. That close-up picture is wonderfull!!!!! and i loved your story

  2. Very cute little story and all the pics are great!

  3. Great story and lovely outfit and pics :)